Arlington councilman went to prostitutes to get drugs




Posted on February 6, 2012 at 11:00 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 7 at 12:48 PM

ARLINGTON — Arlington City Council member and deputy mayor pro tem Mel LeBlanc went to prostitutes to get drugs to feed his addiction to marijuana and meth over the past few years.

The details were released Monday in police reports obtained by News 8.

Police records show that Arlington police started investigating LeBlanc on July 23, 2011, when his wife, Candy, called 911 complaining that she thought her husband was on drugs.

Police records show Candy LeBlanc told investigators that she returned home from a business trip to find her husband "had not shaved or bathed in days, and did not appear to be acting right."

"I need a police officer to come to my home," she told a 911 operator. "My husband was just released from rehab two weeks ago and he's using drugs again, and I have the drugs, so I would like someone to help get him out of the house."

Candy LeBlanc found a bag of drugs in the home that she gave to officers. Police reports show she told investigators her husband admitted to being on K-2 the day she called for help.

K-2 is a herbal substance that mimics the effects of marijuana, and has been banned in Arlington and many surrounding communities.

Police said the bag recovered contained crystal meth, and officers also found a glass pipe inside the home.

LeBlanc is a recovering drug addict.

In an interview with News 8 last month, the councilman denied using drugs after returning from rehab. He also said he did not know where the meth found in his home came from.

Last year, LeBlanc took time off from the City Council to attend rehab. He has admitted to being addicted to marijuana and methamphetamine for more than two years.

Police records show that LeBlanc admitted to officers that in the past he got his drugs from "prostitutes that he would solicit off Web-based escort ads."

Arlington police also questioned the councilman about his relationship with the owner of a city strip club.

The club, Flashdancers, closed down last month as part of an agreement with the city. Officials claim it was a nuisance and created problems.

Police records show LeBlanc had contact with the club's owner, Ryan Grant, more than six times.

Grant told News 8 that he spoke to the councilman about the concerns, but that LeBlanc also reached out to him one time to try and get back at someone who giving him a hard time.

"He said there was a man who a regular at a club called Golden Nugget," Grant said. "He asked me if I could get a friend and rough this guy up, because he was saying some not-nice things about Mel LeBlanc."

LeBlanc could not be reached Monday, but responded Tuesday morning saying in an email:

"I respect your work and the fact that you have a job to do.  Please note that all information that has been made public about my addiction and recovery, and all incidents in between, have not emerged via any police investigation, nor police action, nor undercover activity, etc.  It has all come directly from me and my wife, from our answering all questions put to us honestly and forthrightly.  That includes all the information included in the police reports.  If you want to discuss addiction and recovery, after all this settles down, we would enthusiastically oblige your needs.  In the interim, we have nothing else to say."

In December, a grand jury decided not to prosecute him for drug possession.