Affidavit released in Fort Worth teen's murder

Bruce Terrell Rogers

Credit: Fort Worth PD

Police cleared Bruce Terrell Rogers, 24, in connection with the murder of Eric Forrester after originally charging him with the crime.




Posted on April 20, 2010 at 9:48 PM

FORT WORTH — A newly-released affidavit reveals a former suspect in a Fort Worth teen's murder once demanded he had to "find a way to Waco."

The document reveals that an acquaintance turned in Bruce Rogers for Eric Forrester's murder. That person told police Rogers asked him to help rob a house, but he refused.

Later, Rogers told him he screwed up and needed "to find a way to Waco."

Forrester came home for lunch with his sister on April 13. When she saw something inside the house, she screamed and ran away.

Forrester, 17,  ran inside and was shot in the head.

The two intruders got away with three laptop computers.

On Monday, police announced that Rogers is no longer a person of interest. He is being held on aggravated robbery charges in another case.

Two juveniles have been since been arrested for Forrester's murder.