More families come forward in Rockwall rental scheme




Posted on December 5, 2011 at 7:48 PM

Updated Monday, Dec 5 at 8:11 PM

ROCKWALL - "We're in limbo," Kimberly Agee said. "We don't know how long we're gonna have a house."

This, after the mother found out early Monday morning that a Rockwall County judge could do nothing to help her family stay in a house they've been renting.

The judge ruled Fannie Mae has possession of the home. Kimberly Agee had no idea it was in foreclosure, until the constable served an eviction notice after she had been living there for only two weeks.

Constable John Cullins said he had to enforce the eviction, but that he will likely not get to Agee's right away.

"It will be a while," Cullins said. "I got so many ahead, it won't be done before Christmas."

The family thought they would at least be in their new home for one year.

Documents showed the family signed a year lease with Dan Blackburn from Housmart Inc. in Dallas. Fannie Mae told News 8 the home was illegally rented out and called it a rental scheme.

Now more victims are coming forward, including Adam Henderson.

"I've had really bad business dealings with them," Henderson said.

Henderson, and his wife and four children were traumatized this past June when they were evicted one early morning.

He remembers it like it was yesterday.

"The constable and the cleaning crew was already there putting stuff out," Henderson said. "I mean, they dragging my babies out, in the bed, mattresses. It was bananas."

They were paying $1,400 a month for a 3,000 square foot home in Balch Springs for nearly a year and a half. Henderson said not only did Housmart withhold information about the home being in foreclosure, but told them they could buy the home.

Now, his family is crammed in a two-bedroom apartment, living with in-laws.

"I lost a lot a sleep, a lot of money, a lot of time, a lot of headaches," Henderson said. "It's been pretty bad."

Even worse for Kimberly and her family, who hope they won’t have to take down Christmas decorations before the 25th, as they search for a place to live during the holidays. They know the constable will soon be knocking at the door.

Dan Blackburn with Housmart Inc. did not return News 8's phone calls.

The Better Business Bureau in Dallas and Fort Worth had no complaints on the company, but dozens of viewers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area e-mailed News 8 after the initial report aired Sunday, Dec. 4, telling us they were in the same predicament and had no recourse.

Call the Dallas Police Swindle Unit if you did drop off any payments to the Victory Park Lane location where Housmart is located. Police can determine if this is a civil or criminal matter. Theft by deception is a felony, if more than $1,500 was lost in a bogus transaction.

Fannie Mae is investigating the Agee claim, and helping the family find a place to live.