Hard lesson learned after buying bogus tickets to Taylor Swift concert




Posted on May 28, 2013 at 10:11 PM

Updated Tuesday, May 28 at 10:43 PM

By now, Jenny Henson has told the story dozens of times. But on Tuesday night, she told it to a Dallas Police Department detective.

"There were no seats; we questioned it, and they escorted us out," she explained to the officer.

"I let her scam me," she explained, talking about a woman she knew only as "Candace."

Candace was selling five tickets to Taylor Swift's sold-out Cowboys Stadium show on Craigslist. Henson knew Craigslist wasn't the most reputable place to buy tickets, but she said Candace was believable.

"She seemed really sweet," Henson said. "She told me her mother had just been diagnosed with cancer, and she wouldn't be able to go. She wasn't going to go with anyone but her."

Henson and Candace met in person last Thursday at a Taco Bueno in Dallas, where Henson handed over $650 in cash for the tickets.

"Luckily, my husband videotaped the transaction," Henson said. "His gut instinct told him. I'm too trusting; he's not."

Saturday night was to be a girls' night out. Henson, her 14-year-old daughter, her mother, her sister — a U.S. Marine who is about to move to California — and the Marine's six-year-old daughter Audrey loaded into the car for the concert.

Audrey didn't know where they were going until they got to the stadium. The bogus tickets got them inside... but not for long.

"We couldn't find our seats," Henson said. "So we went to customer service and they told us the seats didn't exist. I looked at my six-year-old niece, and she's praying that some way she gets to see Taylor Swift."

But Audrey's prayers weren't answered.

Henson said the ticket counter told her the person who scanned their tickets at the door must not have heard them improperly scan. "They told me it's a different tone; that he must not have been paying attention and just let us through."

Security escorted Henson and her family out of Cowboys Stadium, and a picture by a poster outside is as close as Audrey came to Taylor Swift.

Candace's phone number is now disconnected, but Jenny Henson is hopeful the picture and video will help track her down.

"She needs prayers," Henson said. "I told her I was praying for her and her mother. Now I'm praying for her for a different reason. She broke my heart."

She has this three-word advice for other people desperate to buy concert tickets on Craigslist: "Don't do it," she said. "It's not worth seeing a six-year-old crushed, and it's not worth the money."

The Better Business Bureau suggests only purchasing from websites or businesses that offer money-back guarantees. They also warn to beware of people who use sympathy pitches — like claiming a family member got sick — because they are often tugging at victims' heartstrings.

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