Carrollton teacher's dream pool looks like money down the drain




Posted on July 11, 2012 at 7:11 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jul 11 at 7:40 PM

CARROLLTON - It's pretty dangerous walking into Holly Bridges' backyard. Rebar sticks out of the huge hole in the ground where a swimming pool never realized its potential.

"I'm angry and upset," she said.

"Me too!" added her six-year-old son.

The swimming pool should have been finished long before her son's birthday in June. She planned a pool party for the boy and a summer staycation for the family.

The pool party was canceled and Bridges, a Carrollton teacher, is out of $6,000.

"We gave him a deposit in February and it was supposed to be done by June 21, and we gave him plenty of time to start it and get it done," she said.

Danny Jones is the contractor and Stoney Rockworkz is his company. He admits that a six-week pool job should not be incomplete nearly six months later.

"Of course I'm sorry about it," he said. "I have a conscious. I go to church every week, but we all fall short in the eyes of God. Let he without sin cast the first stone. I know I've taken too long, but I'm available to finish the job."

Bridges said he was a "no show" too many times. Paperwork shows a required inspection her contractor set up and then canceled.

"Why would you not cancel the inspection if I know I'm not ready?" Jones said. "I'm the idiot that called for it in the first place."

The Dallas Better Business Bureau gives Stoney Rockworkz an "F" rating due to complaints and lack of response, something Bridges wishes she had seen before she hired him.

"Basically, we gave him all of our savings," she said.

Now, she just wants her money back. Jones has refused and wants another chance. News 8 asked him why Bridges should trust him to do the job.

"Perhaps she should not trust me, and perhaps we should have another solution for that," Jones said. "But, I don't think between you and I were going to come up with a solution today."

After that, Jones walked away from the interview.

It's going to be a dry, hot summer for six-year-old Christian as his parents figure out how to fix the mess in their backyard.

The Bridges will have to pay thousands of dollars to remove the rebar, fill the hole with grass and to fix the damage to her home's foundation. They are seeking legal recourse and warning other families to ask for references on pool contractors before letting someone dig a huge hole on your property.