Attention shoppers: Some stores open on Thanksgiving




Posted on November 23, 2010 at 6:11 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 24 at 3:53 AM

Should stores be open on Thanksgiving Day?

MESQUITE — It's not quite Thanksgiving yet, but it is time to start planning for those Black Friday sales, where shoppers will find an enticing selection of products and fierce price.

Many stores are opening even earlier on Friday morning to get a first crack at holiday dollars. But some retailers aren't stopping there.

Hillene Enangst, store manager at the Town East Mall Sears, offered a sample of what her store has on offer: "Panasonic 58-inch plasma on sale for under $1,100 — and you get two free DVDs with it!"

But Enangst said that $800 TV dicsount is only good on Thanksgiving Day.

"It is the very first time in the company we have never been open on Thanksgiving," she said. "Seven a.m. to noon, and we are trying to cater to the customer who might not be in the kitchen cooking."

Sears is pulling out all the stops. For instance: you buy one camera and get the second one free.

But even with all the shopping appetizers on Thanksgiving Day, not everyone will bite.

Diane Adams was buying her new washer and dryer set before the rush. "I think people should be home with their families on the holidays," she said.

Yet, more stores, including retail giant Walmart, are also opening early on Thanksgiving Day this year, along with Toys 'R Us.

Last year, Toys 'R Us opened at midnight on Thanksgiving. This year, the store opens two hours earlier at 10 p.m. to help meet customers' needs and stay in the black on Black Friday.

"Actually we initiated this plan back in the summer," said the Sears store manager Hillene Enangst. "We've been planning on it for some time, and our customers asked for it"

The National Retail Federation predicts consumer spending in November and December will rise 2.3 percent, and some shoppers prefer the Turkey Day option.

"To get in before Friday before the rush... to get in and get out!" said shopper Callubus Muhummad.

If you're looking for something to buy the kids, here's one of the hottest toys this season: They're called a Sing-a-ma-jigs.

Each one sings a little song when you squeeze their tummy they all have different songs that harmonize with each other.

The list price for Sing-a-ma-jigs is $12.99, and that's how much it's selling for at Target. The toy is on sale at Toys 'R Us for $9.49. And if you order online through Walmart, they're $9 — with free shipping.