Airline expert answers: Should I worry about holiday travel on American?



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Posted on October 11, 2012 at 7:36 PM

According to a memo sent to airline managers Thursday morning, American Airlines is extending its one percent cut in flights into November. It got us thinking abut holiday travelers, and whether they should be concerned.

We spoke with travel expert Rick Seaney of  via Skype to get his take on it.

Esentially he said, we all should watch American closely for the next three weeks.

"I have my tickets for Christmas and Thanksgiving bought on American Airlines, and I'm not worried about it," Seaney said.

He said it's true American has had troubles recently, but it's a little early to be concerned about one percent of canceled flights in November.

"Let me put that in perspective," he said. "That's 15 flights a day. That's going to relieve some of the pressure, if they have some issues."

Instead, Seaney suggests giving American a few weeks.

"If I see articles in the Wall Street Journal in a couple weeks - at the end of October - and there are still issues with American, I'm going to start getting nervous about it, and I'm going to recommend people worry about those things," Seaney said. "American just can't have this happen. They have to fix it."