Local businesses see parking pinch around Klyde Warren Park



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Posted on November 26, 2012 at 8:15 PM

Updated Monday, Nov 26 at 9:50 PM

Klyde Warren Park

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DALLAS -- On the upside, Dallas’ new Klyde Warren Deck Park is wildly popular. On the downside, finding a free parking spot on the street is nearly impossible.

That fact has led some drivers to park in private lots controlled by local businesses, who don't always appreciate it.

John Barton is among those business owners. He owns Up in Smoke tobacco shop in a strip mall near Klyde Warren Park. He's also a bit of an amateur parking lot cop, pasting windshields with warnings to people who park in his lot, but are not shoppers.  It's something he’s seen more of since the park opened.

"I have a little note, and it's relatively P.C. -- parking uptown is for uptown tenants only,” Barton said.

While there is ample pay-lot parking nearby, free parking is nearly impossible to find. On Friday, News 8 took pictures during business hours showing a long row of cars parked at a Chase Bank, next to the park. Cars were also parked by the front door, and more still more under the bank’s sign.

Chase, which donated $3 million to the park, said visitors may not realize the bank is open seven days a week. And, Chase said, some of its customers have been inconvenienced.

"That is interfering with us for sure,” said Up in Smoke's Barton.

He has not complained, but knows a rogue deck-park parker when he sees one.

"Saturdays and Sundays aren't so bad -- we don't mind that so much," he said. "But during the week, we'll have people walk off in the distance."

In a statement to News 8, Park President Mark Banta wrote, "We'll communicate with our neighbors and see what we can do to help. By and large, we have not been hearing about parking challenges from our visitors."

But Klyde Warren Park was only built with 55 new parking spaces. The park’s website says there are 9,000 parking spots in nearby garages.

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