Dallas businesswoman offers stress relief in Anger Room




Posted on May 10, 2012 at 8:04 PM

DALLAS - We've all had days where we get so mad we want to smash someone or something, but one woman has come up with a way to let you blow off steam that may look pretty violent, but is perfectly legal.

It's called the Anger Room, a Dallas-based business where paying customers can pound, beat, smash, throw and destroy anything and everything in a room filled with old televisions, vases and about anything else smashable. They were all rescued from garage sales.

Hugo, a salesman who preferred we not use his last name, said it is stress relief for the right price.

"I can't afford going to the psychiatrist, but I can afford this," he said. "Stuff that you can't do to other people, you can do here, without getting in trouble."

Dallas entrepreneur Donna Alexander came up with the idea years ago, when she opened up her first "anger room" at age 16, in the garage of her home.

"I had strangers showing up at my house, so I said I have to find a real, legit place," Alexander remembered.

Prices range from $25 for a five-minute session to $75 for a 25-minute session.

Alexander said her clients come from all walks of life, from business executives to moms de-stressing after a hard day. Some women come in to take out their frustrations about relationships on life-size mannequins.

"Put pictures on them, write on them, and then they try to beat the crap out of them," Alexander said.

Alexander says she's not a mental health expert, just a businesswoman who realized a little 'smash' could turn into some cash.

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