What it takes to take down the Texas Chute Out




Posted on October 9, 2012 at 10:29 PM

Updated Saturday, Nov 23 at 4:42 AM

ARLINGTON — Workers from Dallas Demolition spent a long time mapping this project out. With power lines, businesses, roads, and high-dollar theme park equipment just a few yards away, accuracy is a necessity when it comes to imploding the Texas Chute Out, a part of the Six Flags Over Texas skyline since 1976.

"This is not going to be like your regular high rise coming down," explained Dallas Demolition president Anthony Lohden. "There's just going to be one boom and the tower will lay over."

On Tuesday, Lohden's workers were using blow torches to loosen the bottom of the 200 foot tall ride. It will only take two pounds of dynamite and 10 pounds of other explosives hidden in a dozen different places to slice right through through the metal base Wednesday.

And in one piece, the Chute Out will topple to the east.

"Basically, the structure is a giant tower that we're going to cut down like a tree," explained Lohden. "We picked out a line and we're going to lay it on that line."

They have an orange stake marking the spot where they believe the top of the chute out will land; it is where the old "Flashback" ride used to be.

Flashback and the Texas Chute Out are being replaced by a 400 foot tall swing ride called the SkyScreamer.

The Chute Out sits just inside the park boundary, which means the implosion will be happening just yards from Arlington's busy Road to Six Flags. The structure will land near a Subway restaurant and a Valero gas station.

Lohden said that's why his crew is being careful. And he's confident it will be one smooth ride.

"It'll hit [the mark]," he promised. "We know. We've done a few."

The City of Arlington asked Six Flags not to publicize the exact time the implosion will happen.  The park is only able to say it will take place after noon. 

Fans are free to watch the implosion happen from the parking lot.  Just go in through the "Magic Mile" entrance on the park's south side.

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