West explosion victims still filing into hospitals in North Texas, Waco




Posted on April 18, 2013 at 6:06 PM

WACO, Texas -- At least 40 people remain hospitalized in Waco and in North Texas after Wednesday's explosion in West, Texas.

Hospital official say they've treated everyone from children at home sleeping, to first responders injured in the rescue, to nursing home residents who thought the end had come.

Andrew Urbanovsky's 90-year-old grandfather is one of 28 people admitted to Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center. Urbanovsky said his grandfather has cuts to his face and body, but is awake and alert.

Waco hospitals have treated more than 160 patients injured in the West blast. The walking wounded, including first responders, continue to show up.

Melissa James found herself in the hard situation of caring for her own injured family members in the emergency room.

"They were just grateful to still be here," she said.

The phrase "in sickness and health" is taking on new meeting for Urbanovsky and his fiance, Megan. The West hall they booked for their wedding next week was destroyed. But grandpa is still here.

"We are so happy," Megan said. "We are very blessed right now."

Hospitals remain on standby, ready to treat survivors found in the rubble or rescuers risking their own safety to help others.

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