Arlington: Several neighborhoods pummeled by tornado




Posted on April 3, 2012 at 3:35 PM

Updated Wednesday, Apr 4 at 4:48 PM

ARLINGTON — The Arlington Police Department said more than 150 homes in the city were damaged in Tuesday storms, ranging from debris in yards to severe damage.

The Arlington Fire Department continued to evaluate reports of damage Tuesday night. Gas and electric companies are working to restore power to 12,600 residents at this time.

The police department also detailed more significantly damaged areas.

First, the Green Oaks Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center in the 3000 block of Green Oaks Boulevard sustained heavy damage, including a roof collapse in one portion of the center. The facility was evacuated and one person suffered minor injuries.

There was also roof damage at the Chesterfield Apartments in the 5700 block of Median Way. Two buildings had severe damage. In a nearby neighborhood close to Highway 287, 25 to 30 homes also had damages.

In the Oldfield neighborhood, just south of the 4500 block of West Pleasant Ridge Road, there are 100 reports of homes with damage and one injury reported. The power remained out in the area Tuesday night.

As darkness crept over the pummeled Arlington neighborhoods, homeowners raced to cover and patch up as much as possible in the remaining daylight.

Firefighter went door-to-door not only checking for trapped residents, but also to check the structural soundness of homes. Those deemed dangerous and uninhabitable, like Jim Meyer's house, got a red sticker.

"I'm concerned about the safety and the integrity of the structure and will the contents be safe throughout the evening when I'm not here," Meyer said.

Those home when the twister hit recounted those desperate moments.

"We heard the sirens, so we went down in the basement, and we have a disabled son, so we got him down there and his nurse," said resident Mark Galinsky. "Then we heard the garage door from the basement, and we'd thought it had come in [the garage,] but it didn't. We just heard the noise, and when it stopped we came back out."

On Wednesday, they'll sort through what's left and what's ahead.