Response to Uncut commentary about the Russian adoption gone bad



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Posted on April 17, 2010 at 9:39 AM

Here are the first responses to  Friday's Uncut commentary:

I think the immortal words of Jesus Christ are worth mentioning here.  "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone."
It is very easy to pass judgment on someone that could not help herself.  I am fed up with all the criticisms from people such as yourself on this matter.
Until and unless YOU are ready to adopt this severely psychologically troubled child who had hurt members of her family and numerous times threatened to kill them all,  do not criticize her.
As a foster-to-adopt parent, I understand that full disclosure is not always forthcoming from either CPS or the adoption agency.  However, home studies, background checks, and intimate personal questions should weed out families that are NOT ready to foster/adopt - especially special needs children.  I truly admire those of my foster peers who care for and love the kids with special needs.  
That little boy and his adopted family had numerous resources available to them to resolve almost any issues they had.  All they had to do was ask.  They failed and many childless parents around the world will suffer.

Hi John. Just wanted to compliment you on such an excellent job.
I couldn't agree with you more. Being a adoptive mom of a child from Romania  I cannot believe that ANYONE who planned an adoption of an older child didn't do their due diligence.
Anyone that goes to adopt, and I understand that this Tennessee woman is a nurse, should realize that a child who has been institutionalized and born to an alcoholic (as reported) could have severe problems.  We knew that we couldn't handle a special needs child, so we adopted an infant.  This woman is the poster parent of what NOT to do in an adoption.
The nightmare for this child has been intensified and I hope that he finds the home that he deserves.   
I admire what you do and your comments, which I wanted to say first, especially about this Russian boy who was sent back.  I will tell you that my beloved _____ who would give you her heart and soul to help out someone, adopted three kids when they were 14/11/8 in __.  As much happiness as this started out to be, she and husband were totally unequipped for what transpired over the years.