Recovery continues for inspiring 12-year-old nearly killed in crash



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Posted on March 1, 2013 at 7:01 PM

Updated Friday, Mar 1 at 11:29 PM

DALLAS –– Before you think you've got it rough, think about 12-year old Lauren Nevil.

She's been in the hospital since Thanksgiving from a crash that killed her mother and left her with a traumatic brain injury. We last saw her in a tender moment, in January, with her younger brother Will holding a lollipop to her mouth. 

The staff at Cook's Children's said some, with traumatic brain injuries, never make it this far.

One month later, she was sitting up.

"Look at her, woo-hoo, she can sit up by herself,” said her dad Steve, in a video posted on Facebook. Do it again, look at that,” he said.

Two weeks after that she could push herself down the hospital hallway.

"Her spirit is what inspires me,” said he uncle Jimmy Brimson.        

Between a new job and hours at the hospital Lauren's dad, Steve, was too tied up to chat Friday. 

But he posts regularly on the family's Facebook page called Praying for the Nevils, which has almost 200,000 followers, putting them in a kind of celebrity status.          

Steve writes in Lauren's voice and speaks often of their Christian faith.

"A lot of positive comes out of having faith, a lot of strength comes out of having faith. And he's the example,” said Brimson.          

In the last few weeks, Lauren was finally well enough to hear that awful news of her mother’s death, recently asking her dad, "do you think mommy would be proud of me?"

"I think she'd be smiling down really big time. She would be very, very proud of her daughter,” said uncle Jimmy Brimson, who was Katy’s Nevil’s brother.          

Jimmy is now promising Lauren he'll buy her an iPhone 5 if she can take her first steps.

But no one in this family really believes it’s a question of if.