Rape victim's sister talks to News 8



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Posted on April 26, 2012 at 5:00 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 5 at 9:15 AM

Teen brutally attacked

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DALLAS - She was dying behind a dumpster. But remarkably, a 17 year old who was brutally attacked is talking.

"She is doing good," her sister told News 8. "She is strong. I think she is doing the best anyone can do, under these circumstances."

Court documents released Thursday state the girl was found in a fetal position. She was dirty, nude and covered with Styrofoam debris.

It's the same story witnesses tell.

Ray Quintanilla saw and helped the victim.
"It was pretty devastating," he said. "She was hurting. Her eyes said everything. It was almost like a plea for help."
The teen's sister said the victim's stab wounds were deep, but "luckily it wasn't something that couldn't be fixed."

Police called the girl's actions "heroic." The court documents state,

"She was able to reply even in her critically injured state," the court documents state. "[W]ith a weak voice, she [said], 'He grabbed me from Maple and raped and stabbed me.'"

The officer then asked where it happened, and she replied, "Right here" before passing out, according to the documents.
“When you see a young girl like that, it's heartbreaking," Quintanilla said. "My God."

The court documents say the suspect was found in a nearby creek, naked from the waist down. A pair of black boots were found next to him. Inside was the victim's cell phone. Police also found a black folding knife with blood on it.

The victim is still heavily medicated. Police hope to show her a photo lineup of the suspect next week. They hope she can identify the man who brutally attacked her and left her to die.

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