Estranged wife alleges domestic abuse, steroid use by Deion Sanders



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Posted on March 8, 2013 at 6:24 PM

Updated Friday, Mar 8 at 6:26 PM

The Deion and Pilar Sanders divorce trial continued to be heated Friday, with Ms. Sanders raising allegations of domestic abuse and steroid use by the NFL hall of famer.

Pilar Sanders took the stand Friday challenging whether Mr. Sanders is fit to have custody of their children.

She told two separate stories alleging domestic abuse.

Once, when she said Mr. Sanders threatened to hit her with bat, and the two had to be separated. On another occasion, she said Mr. Sanders lunged at her across a table and allegedly choked her after she said he embarrassed her during the filming of a TV pilot.

Deion's attorneys challenged back, questioning Ms. Sanders' fitness to be have custody of her children.

The jury was shown seductive pictures posted by Pilar Sanders on Facebook and YouTube. The inference was that her children shouldn't be exposed to see their mother as a sexual object.

The jury was also shown pictures taken by Ms. Sanders that were alleged to show performance-enhancing steroids in the house. Ultimately, the judge ruled those pics were not admissible as evidence.

Mr. Sanders is scheduled to testify on Monday.