Parents of Bastrop County student shocked with Taser speak out


by TINA SHIVELY and Photojournalist SCOTT GUEST

KVUE News Austin

Posted on January 29, 2014 at 1:59 PM

AUSTIN -- The parents of the 17-year-old Cedar Creek High School student subdued with a Taser by a Bastrop County Sheriff's Deputy are speaking out.

Noe Rivera's parents Oscar and Maria do not believe the deputy had any grounds to use the Taser last November. Their lawyer, Adam Loewy, said the use of the device was a brutal display of aggressive force.

Rivera's parents accompanied Loewy at his law firm Wednesday for a presentation of the newly-released school surveillance video to the media.

Mother Maria winced as she watched her son get hit and fall to the ground, a moment in time that caused him to spend 52 days in a coma.

The KVUE Defenders and the Austin American-Statesman obtained the video in advance of Wednesday's official release.

Loewy described what he sees in the surveillance: Noe's backpack. He says that proves that Noe was, in fact, trying to restrain a girl that had just been fighting with another girl in the hallway.

He mentioned how hallway traffic was moving around them, and that you see Noe continues to hold the girl back when deputies arrive.

Loewy said you see the deputies move to the middle of the hall and then use the Taser on Noe, and he falls to the ground. Loewy says the video shows Noe did not have a weapon and was not aggressive, claiming the use of force was unjustified.

WFAA sister station KVUE contacted the Bastrop County Sheriff's Department for comment regarding the video. They say because there is a lawsuit pending, they cannot comment.

In previous interviews a department spokesperson defended the deputy saying he was just trying to break up the fight.