NorthPark shooting survior 'thrilled to be alive'




Posted on May 9, 2012 at 10:47 PM

Updated Wednesday, May 9 at 10:48 PM

WAXAHACHIE — Nearly four years ago, Mary Boyd was sitting in the parking lot of NorthPark Center in Dallas waiting for her daughter, who was watching a movie at the mall.

All of sudden a man approached her truck, trying to rob her.

He shot Boyd in the face.

"The bullet went in right here," she said, pointing to her cheek. "It went behind my nose, destroyed my sinuses, and then came out my ear — right there by my brain."

The bullet miraculously missed every vital organ, but it shattered her left eye socket and jaw.

Doctors and therapists saved her face.

"I can see. I can smell. I can taste," Boyd said. "I can hear and I can think."

Boyd stayed away from the mall for months, but she eventually went back. She also visited the spot where she was shot.

She remembers getting hit, but still doesn't know how she drove to the NorthPark valet area, where she found help.

"I didn't hit any cars," Boyd said. "I didn't hit any people, and I don't know how to describe it — God was with me. I'm blessed, and I thank God every day, because he put everybody in place."

She says angels helped her during the incident and during her recovery. One of them was a valet attendant who stayed with her until paramedics arrived on that nightmarish evening in 2008.

"He said, 'I'm not leaving you. I'm going to stay here and pray,'" Boyd recalled.

The mother of two also mentioned that one of her doctors was not far away when she was shot.

"The eye doctor who fixed my eye, he is fabulous," said Boyd. "He was in the movie theater that night."

After the shooting, Boyd says she followed her childhood dream of owning a farm. She has cows and a donkey.

Her love for animals also motivated her to volunteer with the SPCA. She has adopted three rescue dogs.

Boyd told News 8 she doesn't take her family, marriage and friends for granted — the shooting jolted her back to life.

"I'm very, very excited," she said. "I love life. I'm alive, and I have a wonderful family, support system, and husband who lifts me up every day."

Two men are serving time for the shooting. Anton Wallace got 10 years. The shooter, Demond Stuard, was sentenced to 50 years.