Neighbors cry foul over sewage spill in Sachse




Posted on January 7, 2013 at 6:00 PM

Updated Monday, Jan 7 at 6:55 PM

Sewage spill

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SACHSE — Some homeowners in Sachse fear that a sewage spill could make them sick.

Raw sewage flowed from the drainpipes under Cornwall Lane, below railroad tracks, and then under Highway 78, about 100 yards away.

Neighbors said they've had sewage backed up in their homes before, but never in the neighborhood drainage ditch.

"It's an ongoing problem as far as I'm concerned," said Cindy Aiken. "And it's getting worse."

Aiken and her neighbors called the city for help. They watched a crew pour a chlorinated disinfectant into the ditch, but claim it wasn't nearly enough to solve the problem.

"Human waste is a biohazard," said Evelyn Bradshaw, who lives near the ditch. "You can get all kinds of diseases from human waste."

Cindy Aiken is also worried about the health hazards. "I live right next door, and I've got grandchildren that play there," she said.

Sachse City Manager Billy George explained that blockage in a sewer main caused a backup, spilling sewage at three different manholes.

George inspected the site on Monday afternoon, and said he wasn't satisfied with the cleanup job. He ordered crews to remove any leftover waste with a vacuum truck. "Environmental health and public health are paramount to what we do in Sachse," George said.

The city manager said sewage backups are common in all cities. And when their discovered, they're cleared and disinfected as soon as possible.