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Posted on February 5, 2013 at 8:11 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 5 at 8:11 PM

DALLAS — You can learn a lot in a carpool lane. Just follow Pete Delkus to Rosemont Elementary School in North Oak Cliff.

The sixth graders at Rosemont aren't just bilingual; they're also bi-literal. They can read, write, and do math in both English and Spanish.

"I actually do really like these classes," said student Sabrina Sauceda. "It actually teaches me more in Spanish and English, and it can give me a better advantage at finding a job."

Regardless of whether a student's first language is English or Spanish, they are learning side-by-side in a unique program that's bridging cultural differences, too.

"They don't see color; they don't see different cultures; they actually embrace each other's cultures and respect the differences," explained Principal Anna Brining.

"What I love that I've seen is students of different backgrounds reach out to one another to be part of a greater community," added teacher Klaudia Vega.

And talk about field trips! Earlier this month, these dual-language learners traveled to Washington D.C. for the history lesson of a lifetime.

They attended President Obama's inauguration; pretty cool, even if they didn't exactly have front-row seats.

"It was really cool, but we were way in the way back," said Rosemont student Stuart Williams. "I think behind the lake."

It's an achievement just to be in this class. Only 70 students are selected to take part in the dual-language 6th grade program. They are tested to make sure they are at or above their peers in both languages.

For students who excel, it can translate into a lifetime of opportunities.

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