First grader wanders away from Crowley ISD school, found unharmed




Posted on November 9, 2012 at 6:05 PM

Updated Friday, Nov 9 at 6:33 PM

FORT WORTH – A six-year-old boy wandered more than a mile away from Sycamore Elementary on Thursday unbeknownst to teachers and was picked up, unharmed, by police an hour later. 

Angela Hernandez doesn't even want to think about what could have happened to her first grade son.            

Six year old Xayvian was at Sycamore Elementary, in Crowley ISD, when he left his classroom, walked out a side-door, through the neighborhood, and down busy Alta Mesa boulevard before ending up a mile and a half later underneath a bridge with railroad tracks.

That's where Xayvian's neighbor, Yardley Harris, saw him with a police officer.

"It looked like he'd been walking down a very busy road," says Harris, "And was by himself.  So I immediately called my neighbor and let them know. And they had no idea."           

"And I called the school," says Xayvian's mother Angela, "And asked, I said 'I just want to make sure my son is in the classroom and in his seat."

Hernandez says neither the teacher, nor the school, had any idea  her son had been gone more than an hour.            

"Nobody knew where he was," she says, "I was frantic. I immediately hung up the phone and went to the school which is two blocks away."

Hernandez says that, at first, Crowley ISD didn't seem appropriately concerned.

But after a meeting with Hernandez today, a district spokesperson told News 8 "The incident is inexcusable and must be prevented from ever happening again at any school. Crowley ISD has many safeguards in place to protect students that unfortunately were not followed at the campus."            

"They apologized for what happened," says Hernandez, "And they did admit that not one policy or procedure was followed when this happened. Nobody called the police. There was no lock-down. Nothing."

Angela Hernandez says she'll be satisfied when she sees new policies and procedures in place. Xayvian says he was trying walk to his grandparent's home after getting in trouble at school.

He says his worst fear all along, has been how mad his mom would be.

"I was just thinking I wasn't going to have a birthday party," he admits.

He is promising never to wander off again.