Dallas officer becomes first in department to get heart transplant

Dallas officer becomes first in department to get heart transplant

Jimmy Hollis, a veteran police Dallas police officer and the first to receive a heart transplant. (Credit: Dallas Police Department)



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Posted on November 21, 2012 at 6:31 PM

DALLAS – Every Dallas police officer –– more than 3,400 of them –– has gone through training at the shooting range. And each of them has been trained or retrained by Officer Jimmy Hollis.

"In one way shape or form or fashion every officer in this department knows Jimmy Hollis," said Officer James Parnell, a colleague at the shooting range.

Officer Hollis has been a firearms instructor for 18 years. He's earned 47 internal and external commendations, including three Certifications of Merit from the department. 

In 2006 he got an infection in his heart. He progressively got worse and three months ago was placed on a transplant list for a new heart.

He was “still tired, breathless, but was still going to work every day," said his wife Robbie Hollis, "still on the line training officers."

This week he got, he got a call from Baylor Hospital. 

"He was just screaming and crying," Robbie said. 

The transplant team had a new heart for him and had it flown in. Two days before Thanksgiving, Officer Hollis became the first active duty officer in the history of DPD to have a heart transplant.

"We are not thinking about turkey dinner," his wife said, "this is our gift and we are pleased."

Officer Hollis recorded a special message from his hospital bed in ICU.

“I have a lot of things to give thanks for this Thanksgiving and one is to the family that gave this precious gift of life to me," he said. 

He also thanked his fellow officers who are now trying to raise money for him. Medications alone will cost him $3,000 each month.

“We don't make that kind of money to cover these kinds of costs," Parnell said.

Officer Hollis has trained officers to help and protect the citizens of Dallas and now officers say he's the one who needs help.

The Dallas Police Association has set up a fund for Hollis. Anyone who wishes to can donate by visiting this link and clicking on the 'Donate Now' button. You can also mail donations to the address below.

Assist the Officer

ATTN: Jimmy Hollis

1412 Griffin St. East

Dallas, TX 75215

Email rlopez@wfaa.com