Allen man sentenced for hiring Craigslist hit man to kill his wife

Steven Gordon

Credit: Collin County Jail

Steven Gordon was sentenced to 60 years in prison on June 11, 2014 after being convicted of hiring a hit man to kill his wife.




Posted on June 11, 2014 at 7:40 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jun 11 at 7:40 PM

Collin County Judge Scott Baker ruled Wednesday that an Allen man will spend the next 60 years in prison after he hired a hit man on Craigslist to murder his wife.

The story begins when Steven Gordon, 50, and his Malaysian-born wife of nine years began having marital troubles. According to evidence presented at his trial, Gordon became addicted to prescription drugs and his wife told him that their marriage would be over if he did not seek help.

Instead of seeking treatment, Gordon turned to Craigslist, looking for a way to have his wife deported.

Once on Craigslist, Gordon was contacted by a man who helped him come up with a scheme to have his wife deported. That plan, however, drastically changed as Gordon soon sought to have his wife murdered, according to the evidence.

Over the course of several weeks, Gordon plotted with the hit man to kill his wife, paying him more than $25,000. The murder was to take place at Gordon’s Allen residence.

Eventually Gordon became frustrated with delays that kept arising and threatened to go to the police to report the hit man if he did not kill his wife right away. The hit man responded by threatening Gordon’s life, and — out of self-preservation — Gordon turned to the police for help.

Gordon initially denied any responsibility for the plot, but after being questioned by police, his involvement became clear.

Charges of solicitation of capital murder were brought against Gordon, and he was found guilty on May 7.