Arrest made in fatal seven-vehicle crash on I-35E




Posted on August 21, 2012 at 6:48 AM

Updated Tuesday, Aug 21 at 1:14 PM

Seven-vehicle crash

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DALLAS - Two people were killed and one arrested when a pair of drag racers lost control on a Dallas highway triggering a seven-car pile-up shortly before morning rush hour, according to investigators.

"There are witnesses that say two of the vehicles involved were racing," said Carmen Castro, Dallas County Sheriff's Office.

The chain-reaction crash injured three others on a busy stretch of Interstate 35E shortly after 5 a.m. Tuesday south of downtown Dallas. Witnesses reported seeing a green Dodge Charger racing with a blue Chevrolet shortly before the impact.

A red Cadillac sedan burst into flames after colliding with an 18-wheeler, killing two people inside, who have not been identified. Deputies said it appears they were not involved in the racing.

The southbound lanes of Interstate 35E at Illinois Avenue were closed temporarily as authorities investigated the deadly crash.

The Dallas County Sheriff's Department said one person, who was not identified, was arrested for criminal negligence homicide. Authorities said they are also looking into whether alcohol played a role in the crash.

"It's horrible to look at," said Ross Benton, who was passing by and stopped to observe the wreckage. "Endangering other people's lives, it's just disgusting."

Traffic could be seen backed up throughout the morning as part of the interstate was shut down. Some drivers could be seen crossing through grass and going the wrong direction on at least one highway service road in an attempt to get out of the traffic.

The interstate was re-opened around 9:30 a.m.'s Marjorie Owens contributed to this report