4 ways to get better sleep

April 17,2017: The Deal Guy Matt Granite finds a beneficial bargain under $30.

Did you know that we spend a third of our lives asleep?

Some of those hours pass in peaceful, restful slumber. Others, however, are marked by fitful tossing and turning. Doctors have said that a lack of sleep can negatively impact our memory, relationships and overall quality of life. 

The National Sleep Foundation has reported that adults need a minimum of seven hours of sleep every night. Here are four things you can do to get better sleep during those hours. 

1. Listen to relaxing sounds

We spend our days dealing with the loud hustle and bustle of work and family life. Our nights should be more peaceful. A sleep machine or sleep sound generator can provide that sense of peace and help you relax while you're in bed.

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2. Use aromatherapy

The essential oils that power aromatherapy can help relieve stress and promote a sense of calm, leading to better sleep. An oil diffuser in your bedroom can allow you to experience aromatherapy at night.

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3. Get a better pillow

A poor-quality pillow can create kinks in your neck, restricting your airway and triggering a reflex that wakes you up at night. A great pillow properly aligns your neck and ensures that you're breathing correctly, allowing you to enjoy better sleep.

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4. Try a mattress topper

Back and neck pain keeping you awake? Can't afford a new mattress? A mattress topper can be an affordable way to make your bed more comfortable.

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