5 costumes for $30 or less

Halloween is right around the corner, and more than 171 million Americans are expected to spend a total of $8.4 billion on decorations, candy and costumes — or an average of $82 per person, according to the National Retail Foundation. That’s big spike from last year, when Americans spent just $6.9 billion or $74 per person.

Costumes make up the bulk of Halloween budgets, costing $46.35 on average. Two-thirds of consumers say they intend to purchase a costume this year.

But you don’t have to break the bank to find the perfect costume. We’ve compiled five super-cool and creative costumes you can rock for $30 or less.

Glow-in-the-Dark Stick Figure

This one is perfect for a nighttime party, and it’s super easy to make. All you’ll need is one all-black bodysuit ($15.99 now on Amazon); some black duct tape $4 now on Amazon); and a pack of glow sticks ($10.34 now on Amazon). You could save even more by ditching the bodysuit and wearing your favorite pair of black jeans or leggings with a black top.



Noah's #stickfigurecostume Night version with glow sticks!

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Total cost: < $30



These are super easy to make, and something the whole family can get involved in. To be your favorite emoji this Halloween, you’ll need some markers ($6.50 now on Amazon), poster board (> $5 at Staples), and string or yarn ($2.54 now on Amazon) to hold it all up. Craft tools like scissors, glue, or a hole punch would be helpful as well.



Total cost: $14.04


A Presidential Candidate

With all of the election coverage, you won’t have a hard time convincing people who you are with either of these costumes. All you’d need is a pantsuit paired with a tie to be The Donald and a pantsuit and blouse to go as Hillary Clinton. If you have an office job, chances are you already own all of those items. If not, you could pay a visit to the local Goodwill and likely find a set for less than $20. Top it off with a wig ($9.75 now from Nightmare Factory) and you’ll be all set.



Total cost: < $30


Your Favorite Social Media Platform

Another easy one, and you are naturally a part of the costume! The example here is Instagram, which lends itself easily to selfies, but you can choose your favorite social platform. Similar to the emoji costume, you’ll need craft tools like markers ($3.94 now on Amazon), posterboard (>$5 now at Staples) scissors, and glue, but you might also want to have a printer on hand to make things easier.

To make it look really authentic, take a screenshot an instagram post and print it on a posterboard at a print services provider like Staples ($14.99). Then, cut out a hole where the “photo” should go. All night long, people will love posing with you.



Likers gonna like! Happy Halloween! #lifeisgood #HappyHalloween2015 #instagramcostume

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Total cost: < $20


Where’s Waldo?

This is another fun and easy costume that doesn’t take much but a pair of fake spectacles. If you already wear glasses, you’ll have this part covered. Top it off with a red-and-white striped long-sleeved shirt, and a matching hat. Or get a kit ($30 now on Amazon) if you don’t want to buy the pieces separately. You and your friends could match and have a blast at a large party this year.



Total cost: < $30

There are tons of other ideas for easy and affordable costumes for this year’s festivities. You can find some of them here. Whether or not you dress up at all, have fun and be safe this Halloween!


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