• Activists sue Texas to restrict greenhouse gases

    Environmental activists sued the Texas environmental agency Tuesday in an effort to force the state to regulate greenhouse gases, asking that coal-fired power plant projects be halted until that happens.... Read more..

  • Rayzor Ranch drilling gets go-ahead in Denton

    Over the objection of home and business owners, the Denton City Council has voted to allow natural gas drilling at Rayzor Ranch.... Read more..

  • DART knew limits of Green Line for Texas-OU but promoted it anyway

    Long before the overcrowded rail cars began backing up on DART tracks Saturday, the transit agency knew that it could never handle more than a fraction of the crowd expected for the sold-out Texas-OU game that drew nearly 100,000 fans.... Read more..

  • Lewisville woman takes aim at utility bills with 'zero energy' home

    Amanda Ferguson grew up in a typical ranch-style house that her parents built in 1969. She loved the secluded Lewisville neighborhood, with its large trees and oversized lots.... Read more..

  • Maldives to hold cabinet meeting underwater

    Maldives government ministers are taking scuba lessons and learning underwater signs in preparation for an unprecedented Cabinet meeting at the bottom of the ocean intended to highlight the threat global warming poses to the low-lying nation. ... Read more..

  • The Price of Power

    After Congress passed the stimulus package, Oncor — the company that builds and maintains power lines in North Texas — said it would line up for some of the money to link its grid with wind farms producing cheap and clean electricity in West Texas.... Read more..

  • Pollution an enduring legacy at old ICBM sites

    As U.S. Air Force officials marked the 50th anniversary of the deployment of nuclear missiles to sites in the rural United States this past week, residents in some of these communities are still grappling with another legacy -- groundwater pollution from chemicals used to clean and maintain the weapons.... Read more..

  • Toxic Air Fears

    A Denton County town of less than 200 is leading a charge for change. The push began with Dish residents fighting for state oversight of natural gas pipelines. Now, scientists have confirmed their worst fears.... Read more..

  • Scientists study birds killed by wind turbines

    When it comes to generating green energy from the wind, Texas leads the way. But in the pursuit of cleaner energy, there's also an environmental cost: Dead birds and bats killed by turbine blades.... Read more..

  • Green movement gaining speed in Dallas-Fort Worth

    Local businesses selling Earth-friendly products and services say they're doing well despite the general downturn. City governments are boosting purchases of clean, renewable power. Planners and developers are working to limit suburban sprawl.... Read more..