#PeopleOfPride: 'Here in Dallas you have a home'

#PeopleOfPride: Nicole Perry

My name is Nicole Perry and I am a member of the Cathedral of Hope.

One of the biggest things I get here is love every time I come.  I always felt welcome no matter what.

I was born and raised right here in Dallas as a matter of fact.  I was in the Marine Corps for 5 years, obviously before I started my transition 

Actually, the last year I was active duty that I started my journey of my transition.

It was hard finding other people who could identify with me over it because of the fact that everything was still hush-hush.  I’m still a Marine no matter what and that’s something not many people, whether they’re transgender or not, can say.

I was actually at Rockwall, believe it or not.  I remember listening to the mayor talk and speak about his concerns.  To me those were more spoken out of fear.  We’re in there to go to the bathroom. We’re in there to try on clothes.  We’re not there for anything else.

In Dallas, I’ve actually found it to be a welcoming community.

We’re able to show the rest of Texas, the rest of the United States - yes, this is the South - yes, this is Texas but here in Dallas, you have a home.

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