Toss that Tie, Get Dad Some Green this Father’s Day


by WFAA Project Green

Posted on February 5, 2010 at 4:16 PM

Raquel Fagan / Earth 911


Father’s Day is quickly approaching. Found a product you know he just has to have? Do a little internet shopping and see if that same product is available in bamboo, corn plastic, or made from recycled materials.

The below list can add a little insight into the importance of buying products that are made with the Earth’s benefit in mind.


A wildly abundant and renewable resource, bamboo is among the fastest growing plants (it’s actually considered a grass) on Earth. Bamboo requires no fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides to grow, and is 100 percent biodegradable. Some products now available in bamboo include barbeques sets with bamboo handles, bath robes, cell phone PDA holders and men’s sport shirts.


A “biodegradable” product has the ability to break down, safely and relatively quickly, by biological means, into the raw materials of nature and disappear into the environment. Biodegradable materials are used to produce coffee mugs, golf tees, luggage tags and screwdrivers.

Corn Plastic

Traditionally, plastic products have been manufactured utilizing a petroleum-based material. Corn Plastic is an all-natural plastic that not only helps relieve U.S. dependence on foreign energy, but is based on a renewable U.S. agricultural product. Corn plastic products on the market include key rings, letter openers and travel mugs.

Generator/Hand-Crank Powered Flashlights

Uses a crank to produce energy. There is no need for a rechargeable battery. Even 30 seconds of cranking can produce a source of light which is quite powerful. Most of these-type flashlight have LEDs so the intensity of the light discharged is strong. Hand cranked lights range from keylights to emergency radio lanterns.

LED (light-emitting diode) Lights

More durable, longer lasting and more energy-efficient (use less battery energy) than incandescent lightbulbs. LEDs also survive sharp blows that often break conventional lightbulbs. Also, the light quality is better and brighter than standard incandescent flashlights. Lights include handyman flashlights and pen lights.

Made from Recycled Materials

Recycling is the reprocessing of materials into new products. By recycling you save natural resources, energy, and the environment. Products available include: backpacks, jackets and planners.

Organic Products

Products that are produced using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. Organic plants are grown in a way that soil fertility is replenished and maintained, free from pesticides, herbicides and other cytotoxins (any substance toxic to cells). Organic materials have been minimally processed to maintain the integrity of the material without artificial additives, preservatives, irradiation, synthetic hormones, antibiotics or genetic engineering. Products available include: beach towels and hats.

Solar-Powered Products

Solar power describes a number of methods of harnessing energy from the light of the sun. Many technologies have been developed to make use of solar radiation. Some of these technologies make direct use of the solar energy (e.g. to provide light, heat, etc.), while others produce electricity. Solar power is pollution free during use. All types of electronics are now coming with solar power options. You can even get a solar powered USB drive.

This list was provided by Geiger, a leader in the promotional products industry.