8 Ways to Green Your Wedding


by WFAA Project Green


Posted on February 5, 2010 at 4:18 PM

Jennyvi Dizon / Earth 911


For many people, getting married is one of the biggest events of their lives. There’s lots of planning involved, and lots of resources used in the process.

Here are eight ways to make your wedding more eco-friendly, making a good impression with your family, friends and Mother Earth.

1. Write on Recycled

When selecting the type of paper for your announcements and invitations, look for the recycled symbol. You’ll be surprised at the unique selection of recycled stationary to choose from. The styles range from shredded fabric scraps to having actual rose petals in the card stock.

2. Transform Out-Dated Magazines

This household item oftentimes sits at home for months without being noticed, or simply piles up creating clutter. Reshape some old magazines by incorporating them in packaging, correspondence and décor.

  • Add some scents to your gift packaging with shredded magazine perfume samples as filler
  • Make envelopes from glossy magazine pages and attach a white label for the address
  • Cut the magazine into strips, curl the ends and use them to decorate a gift box or bag

3. Buy Local

Supporting local businesses is a great way to customize your wedding. How about a caterer who only uses organic foods from local farmers? The quality of the produce is much better than that of a chain supplier or restaurant. Buying local also usually means you will get more personal attention.

4. Go Vintage

Incorporate “something old” in your wedding by using some vintage or heirloom pieces. In addition to reviving old jewelry or hair accessories, consider reusing an older wedding gown, maybe one from your mother, grandmother or favorite aunt.

  • Make a fabric covered wedding album by cutting up an old gown, using your favorite pieces
  • Wear an old wedding gown to the rehearsal dinner, instead of buying a brand new dress
  • Use parts of the old dress to create a brand new look with a hybrid gown to wear on your wedding day

5. Use Potted Plants

Instead of using cut flowers that only last a week and can be quite expensive, look to your local nursery or garden center and buy potted plants. Whether you end up replanting the décor yourself or giving them away as keepsakes, the plants you choose will last well after the reception is over.

6. Edible Décor

Another option for wedding décor is to use real fruit or vegetables for the center pieces of each table. If you are hiring someone to do the arrangements, make sure to tell them not to spray the fruits or vegetables with any chemicals. Most of the time they use an adhesive to preserve the look of the arrangement, rendering the center pieces non-edible.

7. Wrap Naturally

Ask your guests to use natural fabrics for wrapping presents. Using real cotton or silk fabrics as wrapping can allow you to make a quilt to be passed down from generation to generation. If natural fabrics are too much to ask of your guests, this is another way they could use their old magazines, using the glossy pages that they think are the most beautiful.

8. Grow Some Love

After the reception is over, make an impression on your guests that will last a lifetime—well, at least the life expectancy of a couple of your favorite plants. Consider buying a collection of seed packets of your favorite flowers, trees and vegetables as favors or even gift sets for your wedding party. Depending on a person’s green thumb, your wedding will always be remembered and like a plant your love will grow in the process.