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Posted on November 11, 2009 at 11:14 AM

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True Results, America’s #1 LAP-BAND provider, is the industry leading network of surgeons, healthcare professionals and surgical and diagnostic centers. We are dedicated to the comprehensive treatment and care of LAP-BAND patients.

Most Experience: Our surgeons have performed more than 15,000 procedures, more than any other LAP-BAND® provider in the world.

Dedication to Excellence: True Results has an unmatched safety record among the major LAP-BAND® providers in the nation.

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Commitment to You: True Results is committed to improving the health of each patient. In addition to permanent weight loss, the lap band procedure also helps reduce weight-related health complications such as type-2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and high cholesterol. From your initial diagnostic evaluation to your ongoing after-care program, True Results professionals are dedicated to personalized attention through every step necessary to help you reach your weight-loss goals.

True Results Individual Sessions or Seminars are two valuable ways you can learn more about how the lap band procedure may be right for you at absolutely no cost or obligation. Register today at or call toll free at 1-877-302-BAND (2263).

Permanent weight loss can happen, and we're here to make sure it's a possibility for you. Get started today and experience True Results - Weight Loss for Good!

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The Good Life with Good Food



Paul Ob/ National Medical Director True Results, from the American Institute of Gastric Banding

Paul O’Brien, MD is a world leader in the Lap Band with extensive experience in weight loss treatment and research, teaching health professionals around the world about the lap band. Involved in its early development, Dr. O’Brien pioneered the clinical use of the lap band in the early 1990s. As the Director of the Centre for Obesity Research and Education at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, and head of the Centre for Bariatric Surgery, Dr. O’Brien is the world leader in publications on obesity and weight-loss with the lap band. Dr. O’Brien is the National Director at True Results, the leading U.S. provider of the Lap Band as a safe outpatient procedure.


Patty Waldrop Smith True Results Patient

Patty is a working mom, now Director of Patient Service Center for True Results. Struggling with her weight all her life, Patty started at age 13 trying every diet known to mankind. After years of roller coaster diets, Patty weighed 240 pounds and turned to True Results and the lap band procedure. Now able to control her portions and still enjoy the foods she loves, Patty went from a size 24 to 4, losing 115 pounds in 18 months. Patty is happier, healthier and more active than ever – 6 years later! Now, there are countless sports that she’ll try at least once, but no more diets.



John Marsden, M.D.    True Results Surgeon

John Marsden, M.D. completed his undergraduate with high honors and was distinguished by being named Chief Surgical Resident upon his 5th year of residency. After completion of his general surgery training he was chosen for a cardiovascular fellowship at Baylor Medical Center in Houston, Texas. Dr. Marsden is one of the most experienced LAP-BAND® surgeons in the nation, having performed over 2,000 laparoscopic procedures and over 2,000 laparoscopic gastric bandings. "As a physician, I want to help people improve their health and prevent disease. Obesity is a chronic disease that leads to or aggravates many other conditions and diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, even osteoarthritis. I am so impressed with the results of the lap band and its impact on my patients’ health, that I have focused my practice primarily to it."

Lose Weight and Find The Real You

Melissa only knew herself as big, starting her first diet at 8 years old. With True Results and the lap band procedure, Melissa slowly lost over 85 pounds AND the angst of what she calls ‘closet stare down’. Finally recognizing herself as the person she is – going from a size 16 to 6 - Melissa now enjoys shopping in regular size stores and dressing her new body - the real Melissa.


Melissa Chartier, True Results Patient

Struggling with her weight all her life, Melissa entered her twenties 75 pounds over-weight. With her life in front of her, she desperately wanted to get on a path to lose weight and avoid health issues. Melissa took control to lose weight with True Results in April, 2006 and went from a size 16 to size 6, losing 85 pounds. Melissa’s favorite moment was screaming in a fitting room as she tried on size 6 jeans and they were too big! She may have been scared to walk into a seminar to get help, but now loves to walk into any store and shop ‘til she drops!



Dr. Robert Snow

Dr. Snow's practice is currently focused on Bariatric Surgery and the LAP-BAND procedure. Dr. Snow has helped train bariatric surgeons in Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth and various other cities across the country. He has performed more than 2,200 LAP-BAND® surgeries.

"Bariatric surgery is one of the most exciting and rewarding areas in medicine today. I truly enjoy the close relationship with my patients. The reason I choose to be a LAP-BAND® surgeon is obvious. Helping people regain their lives and health is what it is all about."


Katie Fraser

As a big person, I wanted to rollerblade with my kids but could not balance myself, so I didn’t go. I wanted to go swim with my kids but was too ashamed to put on a bathing suit. My son once asked why I was the only mom in his class with 2 chins, so I didn't go to their school. My weight controlled my life. But, when I found out I may go blind because of a tumor caused by my weight – I knew I had to do something to get help. True Results provided me all the information I needed to know that the lap band procedure was the tool I needed to help me lose the weight. Thanks to their expertise and aftercare, my life is now greater than I ever imagined.


Dr. Richard Benavides, True Results Surgeon

Richard Benavides, MD has performed over 3,700 lap band procedures. Born and raised in the San Antonio area, he currently practices at the Surgery Center of Richardson with True Results. Dr. Benavides is Co-Founder of American Institute of Gastric Banding, parent company of True Results. Dr. Benavides has been named Top Performing Surgeon by Allergan Medical, maker of the LAP-BAND® device. In addition to his active surgery schedule, Dr. Benavides has also guided the training of several hundred doctors on the lap band procedure and is considered one of the leading lap band surgeons in the country.