Pho Colonial's Bo Tai Chanh (Beef Lime Carpaccio)


by gmt

Posted on May 18, 2011 at 8:52 AM

Updated Wednesday, May 18 at 8:52 AM

Bo Tai Chanh (Beef Lime Carpaccio)

4 servings
12 oz of sliced rare tenderloin
8 limes for fresh lime juice
12 oz of sliced thin Yellow Onions
8 oz thinly sliced pickled Daikon
Vinaigrette Pickled juice: daikon/carrot
4 tablespoon of sugar
Dash salt
Dash pepper
Nuoc Nam: (fish sauce dressing)
12 stems of Ngo Om (Rice Paddy Herb), chopped
12 leaves of RauRam (fresh coriander herbs), chopped 1-2oz of Chopped Peanuts Fried Onions.
4 Sprig of Mint
Whole chili pepper
Green Leaf lettuce
Shrimp flavored Chips.
Small stainless mixing bowl.
Juice Squeezer
Small plate
Small Frying sauce Pan
Vegetable Oil to fry shrimp chips.
Paper towel
Whole tenderloin trimmed and shaped into a cylinder shape, wrapped tightly in plastic wrap to freeze.
Remove from freezer to slice on slicer, or thinly cut w sharp chef's knife and put in a cold stainless bowl.
Squeeze limes in a small ramekin
Slice yellow onions and soak in water and ring dry
Chop Ngo Om and Rau Ram for 12oz  mix, more is good.
Chop Peanuts for garnish
Have pickled daikon/carrot juice ready (buy ready made from any Asian food store) Have Nuoc Nam (buy ready made from Asian food store)
Combine sliced rare tenderloin with lime juice and sugar, salt and pepper.  Put the tenderloin mixture in cheesecloth and ring out all juices.
Take tenderloin and add dash Nuoc Nam and herbs and mix thoroughly with yellow onions and pickled daikon.
Place mixture on a green leaf lettuce, and top w chopped peanuts, fried onions and a sprig of mint.
Pour 3 quarts vegetable oil in sauce pan and wait till hot, quickly drop shrimp chips into pan and immediately pull out upon popped shrimp chips is done. A very quick frying time. Put on paper towel to soak the oil.
Garnish the plate w shrimp chips.
For spicy lover, have a red chili pepper for heat.
Fun to make and great spring summer dish. Low calories, great protein and high in vitamin C.