Flying Fish Mexican Cocktail


by Melissa Jones

Posted on October 15, 2013 at 2:33 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 15 at 2:36 PM

Mexican cocktail:


12 shrimp cooked (size 36/40; small)

1 tbsp Fresh Jalapeno diced 1/4”

2 tbsp Yellow onion diced 1/4”

2 tbsp roma tomato diced 1/4”

14 oz. Mexican Shrimp cocktail sauce

14 tortilla chips

1 cup shredded iceburg lettuce

1 sprig of cilantro

1/6th wedge of lime

3 slices of avocado




1.       Using an 18 oz. chilled goblet, place shredded iceburg lettuce in bottom of schooner.

2.      Place the shrimp atop lettuce, then top with onions then tomatoes

3.      Place the jalapenos atop tomatoes

4.      Ladel 14oz Mexican cocktail sauce into goblet

5.      Place sliced avocado evenly over sauce

6.      Garnish with cilantro sprig on top of avocado, place lime wedge on lip of glass.

7.      Serve with basket of tortilla chips.