Button's Father's Day "Big Daddy's Steak"


by gmt


Posted on June 10, 2011 at 8:30 AM


Father’s Day “Big Daddy’s Steak”
 (8 oz Rib-Eye)
“Shake on Steak” Seasoning Recipe:
1 cup of Kosher Salt
1 cup of coarse ground pepper
¼ cup of granulated garlic
¼ cp of granulated onion
1/8 cup of crushed red pepper
1 tablespoon of cumin
1 tablespoon of chili powder
1 pinch of yo momma!
Combine and mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Stir. Lightly coat the steak on both sides with grilling oil. Sprinkle the seasoning mixture on both sides of the steak. Massage the mixture into the steak. Place aside or in the refrigerator until the grill is fired up and ready to go! 
Cooking Segment:
  1. Chef will bring a small grill (if you all have a grill we can use yours) to be on the outside patio. One the grill we will have the rib eye steak, sausage and other meats to demonstrate an outdoor Barbeque gathering with family and friends. This will be shown as a teaser leading up to the actual cooking segment.
  2. For the segment inside the studio, Chef will show viewers how to create his famous “Shake on Steak” seasoning for grilling. Prior to the seasoning he will talk viewers through how to select the perfect steak, knowing the right temperature,  how to grill rare or medium rare steaks,etc.
  3. Chef will have cups with the various seasonings highlighted in the recipe and will talk viewers through the recipe.
  4. He will prepare the meat and then show the viewers the finished dish.
  5. The finished entrée will include a steak, baked potato and grilled asparagus.