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Country artist Brock Stevens is performing at Casa Manaa for one night only.

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Important things to consider when washing the face

The eye area is very delicate. When using a cleanser to wash off eye make up, be wary of cleansers that are highly fragrant or have a bead in them (like facial scrubs). We recommend using an eye makeup remover for the removal of make up in the eye area before cleansing the face.


Pay attention to the temperature of the water when you are washing your face.  Generally, everyone should use lukewarm water, but those with red, sensitive skin should use water that is slightly cooler than lukewarm.


It is important to wash your face at night and here are five reasons why:

1. Touching your face all day long, without intentionally doing so, is making your face one of the dirtiest parts on your body.

2. Cleansing your skin at night will reduce oil and the ability for acne-causing bacteria to thrive inside the pores.

3. Your skin repairs itself at night, so removing makeup gives your skin a clean palette for applying your night time performance products for maximum absorption.

4. While you sleep, your skin is at rest allowing regeneration to occur.

5. Moisturizers evaporate when on the skin all day, so washing your skin and applying moisturizer at night ensures it will stay moist and hydrated.

Cleansing in the morning is important as well because oil does secrete over night and this oil can cause breakouts. Also, you want your skin to be a clean slate so when you apply sunscreen you can get good coverage for your sun protection.


Facial scrubs (like our Mint Buffing Beads) can be used 2-3 times a week and most have cleansing agents in them. Mint Buffing Beads is a cream-based cleanser formula so when you use it will both cleanse and exfoliate the skin.


How to Wash Your Face Tips

Step 1: When cleansing in the morning, apply a sulfate-free gel cleanser to damp skin (use a nickel-size amount).  Always make sure your skin is damp because gel, even if non-drying, is too concentrated for the skin. Water activates the cleansing agent, so in addition to your face, keep your fingertips damp for dispersion. 

NOTE: When cleansing during the evening, a cleansing lotion is recommended because it is water-soluble and great for dissolving makeup and oil. Cleansing lotions should be applied to dry skin. You will work it in to avoid diluting the lotion, rinse well and follow up with a gentle baby washcloth or facial sponges to remove makeup residue. You won’t get a squeaky clean feeling with a cleansing lotion, but you can be sure this gentle form of cleansing leaves skin clean and conditioned.

Step 2: Massage the cleanser in circular motions for 30 seconds. Rinse well with lukewarm water. (NOTE: It is not recommended to only tissue off any type of cleanser because it is important you leave no residue.) Wipe your skin with a facial sponge or baby washcloth.

Step 3: Within 60 seconds after cleansing, apply an alcohol-free toner and then immediately a moisturizer. During the day, make sure you are using an SPF moisturizer.




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