Wednesday, June 6th


by Melissa Jones

Posted on June 6, 2012 at 8:18 AM



WHAT:             “Slammiversary 2012” presented by Direct Auto Insurance
TNA’s 10th Anniversary pay-per view event
WHEN:             Sunday night, June 10
Doors open at 5:30PM, Bell Time 7PM
WHERE:          College Park Center in Arlington (UT Arlington)
HOW: TICKETS  or The College Park Arena box office.
Tickets for “Slammiversary 2012” start at just $10

Self -esteem boosters are needed year round. Don’t let the summer’s heat scorch you; create your own sizzle by embracing activities that make you feel good about being you.
Your sizzle needs a sound track. (Sometimes we feel stuck and in a rut) Select 5 or 6 songs that lift you up, move you and make you feel happy. Music is motivating and inspiring. Scientists have found that music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function. It is believed that music can alter our mood and even our physiology more effectively than words can. Gather happy songs that make you feel happy.
Beat the heat by being a blessing to others. (Sometimes we focus only on what is wrong in our lives.)There is no better way to increase your self-esteem or make it sizzle than helping others. Helping others takes the focus off what we are worried about. In these hot summer months our elderly persons are especially vulnerable. Check on the seniors in your life or your neighborhood. Ensure that they are drinking lots of water, staying in cooled spaces and that their air conditioning is working.
Start and complete a summer project. (Some people have trouble congratulating themselves.)   Knowing that you are capable and competent is sizzling self- esteem. Now you have tangible proof and yet another reason to celebrate you! Select an achievable summer project- one that can start in June and be completed by August. Consider gathering scattered photos and putting them in an album, organize the back bedroom, or learn to make ice cream from scratch.
Weed out the Debbie Downers in your life. (Sometimes we underestimate the effect of negative people.) If you want to sizzle, you should associate with sizzlers. Select people who are active and positive. This is self- preservation and it sizzles. Negative, whiny, complaining people are drains of your energy and they dampen your sizzle.
Get a swim suit and get in the water! (Sometimes we sit back and watch too much of life.) Do not be a perpetual spectator all summer long. There is fun to be had in the water. Whether it is a pool or a lake- get in it, even if you in the shallow end. Too many of us let a summer go by without even placing a toe in the water. Believe that you look good, no matter your size, put on that suit and go.
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