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Posted on February 9, 2011 at 9:07 AM

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The Gypsy Wagon is located at the hub of Henderson Avenue, surrounded by some of the city's best restaurants and wonderful shops. The building is almost 100 years old, and is just how we like it: quirky.

At The Gypsy Wagon we strive to carry gifts and home items that are handmade, that are produced with recycled or sustainable materials, and that are made by people and companies who care. We carry bedding made by a family in India, handbags made by a co-op in South Africa, and 19th century antique furniture from Hungary. The clothes we carry are fresh, easy, and give off a subtle cowgirl vibe. Yeehaw! Our fantastic jewelry ranges from fun costume baubles to fine handcrafted artisan works. We are jewelry obsessed.

We have amassed a group of Featured Artists that we adore. They are gifted at their craft, they work so hard, and they make beautiful art! Each one is an inspiration. Surrounding ourselves with cool, talented people makes all our hard work worthwhile. We feel this way about our customers, too, as they are the ones who motivate us to create, to change, and to grow. Customer happiness is our reward!

So, who exactly is The Gypsy Wagon? It's me, Johnny (we call him Johnny Seale), Molly, Jennifer, and Porsha. Johnny Seale is Grand Poobah of Operations. We wouldn't operate without him. Molly McBride is the head buyer for Apparel and Jewelry, and she's really the reason the store always looks so good. Jennifer Fries is a childhood friend of mine, but that is just a bonus! Jennifer lights up the store with her genuine personality, and she makes sure all the bills are paid on time. Porsha Thomas is our marketing coordinator and manages our online store. Porsha is responsible for our adorable Facebook page, and gets full credit for anything actually being for sale on our website.

Our other "Wagoneers" are Mary Chris Sayer and Cristin Caulfield. And let's not forget out Director of Customer Relations, Loretta Wags!

Special thanks go out to the talented folks at
Gillen's Army for creating our happy home on the Web.

The Gypsy Wagon Way is all about celebrating people and having fun. It's about combining comfort with style, and living with a skip in your step. We feel it's important to celebrate the little things like mini-beer and Dum-dums. If you want one, just ask. Enjoy!

We'll see you at the Wagon!

The Gypsy Wagon
2928 N Henderson Ave, Dallas, TX 75206  
Today Marks the Beginning (TMtB), a non-profit arts organization that uses art to impact public awareness of social issues, created a project called “LOVE” lesson, an arts competition that teaches students about the origin of St. Valentine’s Day, the tradition of giving Valentines and what a great peacemaker means when talking about “LOVE.” The lesson was taught to over 400 students at Irma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School, L.L. Hotchkiss Elementary and Parish Episcopal in which the students created artwork inspired by great peacemakers’ quotes about “Love.” TMtB will judge each piece of artwork and choose 10 winners from each school, which their art will be hung right before Valentine’s Day at Neiman Marcus in North Park Mall. The rest of the student’s artwork will be featured at the Aloft hotel, presented by TMtB and Ro2 Art.
The “LOVE” lesson is one of the 14 project based lessons of the MasterPEACE: Young Artists Making a Kinder World, the core program of TMtB. The core message of this lesson is the broader meaning of “love,” and how love is the source or foundation of the emotions we associate with peace. The LOVE lesson is a seasonal lesson taught weeks prior to February 14th. Below are the objectives of the lesson:
A fresh, fun, and meaningful activity for Valentine’s Day
To experience a hands on activity of combining a quote about love with collage materials to make handmade Valentine’s cards
To foster an understanding that love is the source for all the skills needed to be a peacemaker
To show students that you don’t have to buy a greeting card and that you can make a hand made “Valentine to the World”
To encourage an understanding of the bigger meaning of the word “Love”
“This lesson gives students the skills and materials to make their own Valentines art and cards and to show them how meaningful it can be to give something that you’ve made yourself,” said Karen Blessen, creator of the MasterPEACE program and co-founder of TMtB. “Also, we hope the art created by the students that will be featured at Neiman Marcus and the Aloft can inspire Dallas locals about the true, peaceful meaning of Valentine’s Day.”
Pre-Fixe Classic $39, per person
First Course, choose from: That Salad, The Slice, Spinach, Bailey’s Chopped, Caesar or Tomato Mozzarella
Entrée Course, choose from: Maple Glazed Pork Chop, 6oz. Center Cut Filet Mignon, Barbeque Roasted Free Range Chicken, Jalapeno Onion Crusted Bass, Scottish Salmon, ‘Wild Texas’ Shrimp Pasta or Blackened Redfish
Dessert Course, choose from: Chef’s Feature Dessert or Seasonal Berries
Valentine’s Sweetheart Pre-Fixe $49, per person
Amuse Bouche, Asparagus Brie Cheese Tart with Chickory Mustard Salad
First Course, choose from: Shrimp and Wild Mushroom Bisque or That Salad
Entree Course, choose from: Pan Seared Sea Bass on White Cheddar Crabmeat Hash with Orange Fennel Jus and Confit Baby Tomatoes or Filet Trio, prepared Grilled, Pepper Crusted, or Oscar Style and served with Chicken Fried Shrimp
Dessert Course, Trio of Desserts: Chocolate Mousse Cake, Bailey’s Cheesecake and Chocolate Dipped Strawberries 
Regular menu also available.