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Chris Byrne, The Toy Guy

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Bounce Bounce Tigger
Just Play

ages 3 and up
The new Bounce Bounce Tigger from Just Play brings to life the beloved children's character with dancing, shimmying, and rocking moves. Move the switch on its back to "Play" and press Tigger's foot to activate three different modes of play: Bounce Bounce Song; Wiggity, Wiggity Wiggle (Tigger's signature move); and Giggles. In Bounce Bounce Song mode, Tigger bounces along to his signature theme song to the tune of the hip hop song "Jump, Jump." Press Tigger's head at any time to activate additional play features.


La Dee Da
Spin Master
ages 5 and up

La Dee Da is a new fashion doll collection centered on 16-year-old Dee and her friends who have started their own fashion label, La Dee Da. Each doll in the collection comes with a fashion, accessories, and an activity booklet with instructions on how to make a different craft.
With the Dee Signature Doll, kids can transform Dee's dress from an A-line to a bubble skirt by pulling the string on the back of the dress. The oversized flower in Dee's hair can be removed and worn at Dee's waist, and the flower at Dee's waist can be removed and worn in Dee's hair. Kids can also transform the doll's stockings into leg warmers. Dee also wears a pin cushion bracelet and sewing-inspired earrings: one looks like a zipper and scissors while the other looks like a sewing machine. Because Dee is from New York City, her dress reflects a city landscape while her eye shadow resembles the crown of the Statue of Liberty. 


Barbie Photo Fashion Doll
ages 6 and up

The Barbie Photo Fashion Doll is a standard 11.75-inch Barbie doll which is also a great digital camera. Charge up the internal battery with the included USB cable. Switch on the doll and make sure the switch on the doll's belt is in the up position. Then you're ready to point and shoot. The camera lens is on Barbie's back. In typical Barbie style it looks like a gem in her necklace. The screen is on the front of the doll in the T-shirt. The doll will hold more than 200 photos at a time, and you can also add one of 30 different photo effects to your shots before you take them. To take a picture, line up your image in the screen, push Barbie's belt buckle, and you've got the shot. After you're done taking pictures, you can scroll through your images and display one on Barbie's T-shirt. You can also use the USB cable to connect Barbie to the computer and upload your pictures to add more effects. Photo Fashion Barbie works with both PC and Mac operating systems.


ages 6 and up

Furby is the "animatronic friend" that created a sensation in 1998—and the original sold more than 40 million units when it first came on the scene. Hasbro has brought it back, and while we were a little skeptical at first, we have to say, they did an incredible job. The result is a new version of the toy that uses advanced technology and humor to make the play experience seamless and fun—and the toy more sophisticated and responsive than ever.
Looking like a large croquette with a beak, ears and animated eyes—and soft fur in eye-popping colors, Furby responds and becomes more responsive as it's played with. Out of the box, Furby speaks a language called "Furbish," and the more you play with it, the more English it learns and speaks. Furby has an updated attitude and contemporary vocabulary, and the new electronic, animated eyes let Furby be more expressive than ever.



ages 6 and up
Hiccups is a new brainteaser from PlaSmart, the company behind the challenging Perplexus series of puzzle games. There is a ball inside the spherical Hiccups and eight colorful cups. The object is to pass the ball sequentially from cup to cup without a hiccup, or letting the ball drop. Follow the numbers and arrows printed on the outside of Hiccups so you know where to take the ball. If you drop the ball, you must start back at cup 1.


Micro Chargers
Moose Toys
ages 6 and up
$19.99 - $34.99 (Track Sets)

Micro Chargers is a new line of micro-sized, collectible race cars that feature quick-charge technology for fast-paced racing, jumping, and looping. Micro Chargers take eight seconds to charge and race at scale speeds of up to 600 scale miles per hour. Using the included handheld, battery-operated charger, kids charge the cars then launch them to race. The line features more than 30 vehicles and two different car models (stunt and race) to collect and trade.


Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire
ages 8 and up
The Nerf N-Strike Elite blasters take the technology from the N-Strike line to the next level. The N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire boasts a revolving clip carousel and the highest dart capacity of any Nerf N-Strike blaster ever: 144 darts. The darts can travel up to 75 feet. The Hail-Fire's revolving clip carousel has slots for up to eight clips of any size. Simply press the trigger to fire all the darts from one clip, and then advance to the next loaded clip with just the pull of a handle.







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