Tuesday, November 1st


by Mellisa Jones


Posted on November 1, 2011 at 8:41 AM


You can meet Diane Von Furstenberg today at the Sephora at Northpark Center.
She’ll be there from 2:30 to 4:30pm.
 *To meet Diane Von Furstenburg and receive autographs, consumers must make a purchase of Diane
For decades, Diane von Furstenberg has been synonymous with effortless chic and jetsetting style. From her signature silhouettes to her bold prints, the style mainstay has left an indelible mark on the fashion world. Now von Furstenberg has infused a lifetime of aspirational style into a deeply personal fragrance that bears the name she was born with: Diane. Bright, glamorous and magnetic, the new scent embodies the unique appeal of both the singular fashion collection and the woman behind it. The perfect complement to every ensemble, Diane is the irresistible finishing touch that makes a style complete.
Lord Nut Levington is a new line of delicious seasoned peanuts available in five gourmet flavors that will tickle your taste buds while engaging your mind with the adventurous and, at times, scandalous life of their fictional namesake, Lord Nut Levington. If you think that a peanut is just a peanut then let us introduce you to the founder of the Taste Resistance, Lord Nut Levington. While he may be fictional (shhh…don’t tell him that) he is on, what he believes to be a life threatening mission, to lead the Taste Resistance and take a stand against bland. Join Lord Nut in the mission to liberate our taste buds from a flavorless existence. Jumpstart your taste buds back to life with Lord Nut Levington’s flavor packed peanuts that of course, contain no artificial flavors or colors…all in flavor, say YES to:
Rebel Mary – Spicy bloody mary lovers unite! Tomato and garlic powders are mixed with traditional bloody mary ingredients such as Worcestershire Sauce to spice up these nuts.
El Cheddarales – Cheddar cheese and jalapeno are a match made in spice land! Lord Nut Levington loves his jalapeno powder and was generous with it in this delicious blend.
Mamma Mia – Inspired by the flavors of Italy, these peanuts combine the most delicious flavor profiles of tomato, garlic and cheese.
Thai Dyed – Take a trip to the shores of the East with this exotic blend of Thai curry and lemongrass and enjoy a unique yet incredibly delicious flavor.
Cinnapplooza – Love a freshly baked apple pie? Taste that same warmth that the combination of cinnamon, apples and vanilla give off in this sweet mix.
The (Non-Fictional) Man Behind Lord Nut Levington
While Lord Nut Levington is a fictional character, the extremely clever and innovative founder of this phenomenal new line of peanuts is not. Sanjiv Patel spent over 2 years creating Lord Nut Levington. His mission was to not only create absolutely delicious flavored peanuts but to bring some fun back to branding! Lord Nut Levington and the stories that can be found on www.LordNut.com bring the company to life! Originally from the UK, Sanjiv started in the working world as an accountant for the Tetley tea company and after making his way to the US, received his MBA from Babson College in MA. He then went on to work for Stacy’s Pita Chip for over three years as Director of Finance. After it was sold to PepsiCo, Sanjiv moved back to London for a few years before returning to the US and making his home in Dallas, TX. Sanjiv is now proud to launch Lord Nut Levington.
Lord Nut Levington Peanuts are for sale at www.LordNut.com for $5.49 a canister and every order ships for free. “Like” them at www.facebook.com/lordnutlevington
For more information, visit www.TexasHealth.org/Plano