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 (Age 13 and Up)
Saturday, July 10
8:30am - 4 pm
Oak Cliff Fellowship Church
1808 W. Camp Wisdom Road
(214) 672-9100, ext. 2501
Coach Tony Dungy
Coach Bill McCartney
Steve Farrar
Dr. Tony Evans
$35 Includes:
Lunch and workshops concerning work,
rebuilding relationships, finances, health,
home, spiritual growth and more.
The hottest Summer fashion trends, straight from the pages of Harper’s Bazaar
1. Color
A rainbow of colors enlivened the runways this season
Vendor: Elie Tahari
Available at: www.elietahari.com
2. Tribal
Ethnic-inspired print dress
Vendor: Chico’s
Available at: Chico’s
3. Asymmetrical Dressing
One-shoulder, in free-flowing silk chiffon
Vendor: Max Studio
Available at: www.maxstudio.com
4. Denim
Denim has never been hotter...
Vendor: AG Jeans
Available at: www.agjeans.com
Must-Have Accessories & Beauty Items
1. Makeup
Lip Color
Newest lipcolor from Chanel: perfect for every day
Vendor: Chanel
Available at: Neiman Marcus
Bronzing Powder
For a sun-kissed skin look...
Vendor: Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Bronzing Powder
2. Jewelry
Only your jeweler will know for sure….contemporary jewelry using the finest cubic zirconia stones
Vendor: Crislu
Available at: Dillard’s and Macy’s
3. Footwear
The strappy sandal and the wedge
Vendor: Vince Camuto
Available at: www.vincecamuto.com
To get more information about The Baylor Scoliosis Center, please call 1-800-4Baylor or visit www.TheBaylorScoliosisCenter.com.
It makes common sense that summer jobs can help keep teenagers busy and occupied during summer months, and there is also the obvious benefit of earning extra money. In addition to these benefits, studies have shown that summer jobs can counter risk factors associated with depression and suicide.
Interestingly, researchers have found that holding a summer job had a greater impact on these risks than participating in sports or hanging out with friends. Findings suggest that earning money and bringing resources into the home had a greater impact on self-esteem, resulting in a lower risk for suicidal thoughts and behavior.
In addition to the psychological and self-esteem benefits of summer jobs, there are a number of other benefits associated with holding a summer job. For example, a teenager can begin to learn important job skills -- not just the job itself, but how to get along with coworkers, how to deal with a superior, and adhering to a schedule. Further, having extra money can help a teenager develop important money-management skills. 
Participating in a summer job can also help teenagers simply avoid activity (or inactivity as the case may be) that may carry its own set of risks. For example, a socially isolated teenager who participates in summer work is going to spend less time on a computer/video game and will have greater social interaction, thereby enhancing social opportunity as well as practice of social skills. Similarly, a teenager that has a tendency to hang around with peers who are negative influences will have less interaction with these peers if they are participating in a summer job for much of their time. Thus, in addition to all the other skills and benefits of summer employment, simply occupying a teenager's time in a productive way can have the benefit of avoiding some of the negative situations and behaviors that the teenager might otherwise gravitate toward.
On caution with regard to summer employment is that it must not expose vulnerable teenagers to difficult workplace situations. For example, because the teenager is typically lowest in status in the workplace, there is risk for harassment by coworkers or superiors. Further, employment can expose teenagers to adult coworkers who may have their own set of problems. Any transition into a new situation such as beginning a summer job and having to learn a new set of job skills creates a situation of stress for the teenager. It is important that parents provide appropriate support to the teenager, particularly during this transition into an unfamiliar situation in which the teen may feel especially vulnerable.
In order to help your teen secure a summer position, there are a number of strategies that parents can use. Certainly finding a summer job will be especially difficult in the current economic climate, as out of work adults may end up taking jobs that would typically be filled by teenagers for the summer.
First, it is important to determine that your teenager indeed wants a job and to begin the job search as soon as possible. The longer the teenager waits to look for a job, the more likely summer positions will already be filled.
Second, looking for a summer job is an excellent way to begin to prepare a teenager for their eventual transition into the workforce. This is a good time to showcase for teens the importance of extracurricular activities and involvement that highlight their positive attitude and willingness to get involved. Putting together a resume is an excellent opportunity for teens to see how involvement in activities can make them look better "on paper", which makes them a more competitive applicant. 
This is also a good time to help a teen start to develop a more professional persona. For example, if your teenager will be giving out contact information such as their cell phone number and their e-mail address, it is important that the teenager have a professional sounding voice mail message on their phone and that their e-mail address is one that is neutral or professional as well. Further, this is a time to remind teens that the appearance of social networking sites such as Facebook can potentially negatively impact the perception of the teenager by a potential employer.
Seeking a summer job is also a good time for a teenager to begin to learn about networking. Revisiting friends and family who may have a need for seasonal employees is an excellent starting place when looking for a summer job. This can help a teenager begin to understand the importance of making a good impression on people as those relationships can be important later on when looking for work.
Finally, just as with applying to college, is important that teenagers learn to not limit themselves when seeking summer employment. Especially in the current economic climate, it is important that teenagers understand that they may not get a job doing something that they particularly enjoy, but that the benefits of holding a summer job may outweigh the sacrifice. Making sure that the teenager is applying to many different types of jobs can help increase the odds of actually getting a job for the summer.
Calais Winery is a Boutique Winery created by French Winemaker Benjamin CALAIS. We are crafting small amounts of high quality wines using traditional French techniques. We released our inaugural wine in October 2008 and now have 4 wines released with more to come.
Calais hosts weekly wine tastings events with and selection of wine from all over the world every Fridays and Saturdays. The winery is also opened for tasting from Wednesday to Sunday each week.
Calais Winery
3000 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX 75226
(214) 453-2548