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Sylvia Browne is the author of twenty two New York Times bestselling books, including the #1 bestsellers Life on the Other Side and The Other Side and Back. She has been at the forefront of America’s obsession with the supernatural, and was one of the first psychics to share her gift openly with the public. Her visions have offered insights into celebrities, aided police investigations, and changed the lives of thousands of people both through her standing-room only events across the country and her many media and television appearances—including one (as herself) on The Young and The Restless
Now, in PSYCHIC: My Life in Two Worlds (HarperOne; June 2010; Hardcover; $25.99; ISBN 9780061966729), Sylvia Browne reveals the woman behind the headlines. Taking readers from her humble beginnings in Missouri through her rise to a world renowned spiritual guide, she describes in detail the sensations of her first psychic experiences, her initial reluctance to her spirit guide Francine, and the role her beloved Grandma Ada (also psychic) played in helping her find her true path. For the first time she opens up about the legal troubles and health issues that have plagued her. And she also reveals the painful details behind her three failed marriages before Mr. Right finally, impossibly came along.
PSYCHIC is also sprinkled with Browne’s characteristically delightful, colorful, and sometimes scary tales of those she has encountered in the Other World—a jilted young woman who resides on the Queen Mary, a mobster inmate trapped in Alcatraz, an embittered ghost unable to face death because he murdered his cheating wife and brother, and many others.
In addition, Browne also reveals:
·     The prominent people whose lives her visions have saved
·     The times her beloved late grandmother appeared to Sylvia during crisis; once even saving her life
·     Why some spirits materialize when others are called
·     Why more paranormal activity occurs during lightening storms
·     Her beliefs about the afterlife (if there is such a thing as damnation or hell)
·     That our purpose in life is to “Do good, love God, then shut up and go Home”
Sure to surprise both fans and newcomers alike, PSYCHIC is the inspiring, true story of a remarkable woman, rich with the wisdom of a life well-lived between two worlds.
About the Author
Sylvia Browne is a spiritual teacher, psychic, and the bestselling author of dozens of books including, The Other Side and Back, The Truth About Psychics. and All Pets Go to Heaven. She is recognized around the world for her psychic abilities, and her gifts have been highlighted on The Montel Williams Show, Larry King Live and many other media outlets. She is the founder of Novus Spiritus Gnostic Christian Church, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2006, and she lives in Northern California with her husband.
You can meet Sylvia tomorrow night at the Lakewood Theater.
She’ll be there at 7pm. For more details log onto www.LakewoodTheater.com
Smart ways to pack kids off for summer camp
Planning For Camp
You’ll want to make sure your camper is involved in the planning process from the very beginning. If your child feels part of the decision-making process, it can help ease the pre-camp jitters.
Most camps will provide a specific checklist. If a camp doesn’t provide a list The Container Store has free checklists for parents to go off of. Also, be sure to know specific camp policies. For example, many don’t allow food, electronics or anything of value!
•           Stick our camptime checklist on our Wood Veneer Magnet Board Bamboo that can be propped with two other items (photo, reminder) and place the magnetic board on an acrylic t-frame 
And then – this is a VERY important step – label, label, label! Every article of clothing and even personal items must have your camper’s name on it. 
•           Fabric Label Tape (propped on a t-shirt)
•           Our Label Maker
•           Laundry Marker (propped on a t-shirt)
Getting Them Packed
The first item on EVERY camper’s list is something to contain all their stuff! Trunks are a summer camp staple and of course, we offer a variety of durable, high-quality trunks that will withstand many years of summer camp!
To personalize the trunk, include a Luggage Tag. And, let your child decorate the trunk with stickers, paint pens, etc.
•           Storage Trunk with Wheels (to demonstrate the packing) 
•           Frog Luggage Tag (hang on the trunk)
•           Footlocker (three colors – please place these in front of the table or to the side)
Make sure that you don't over-pack! Your child will almost certainly not pack for the return trip as neatly as you did. Also, some camps have laundry services on-site which can help narrow down the number of garments to bring. 
To save your camper time, pack all clothing (including undergarments and accessories) by day in Reclosable Plastic Bags. This is a great idea with younger children. If your child will require bulkier items like a light sweater, jacket, bedding, towels – even a favorite pillow – you can’t beat the Travel Space Bags. They eliminate the air from these fluffy items to save space inside the trunk. 
•           Reclosable Plastic Bags (labeled and propped with clothing)
•           Travel Space Bag (propped with a sweatshirt or beach towel) 
Toiletries and personal care items are a must for your camper. Oftentimes campers have to leave their cabins to shower, so you want to find a solution that allows them to carry everything with them.  
•           Orange Grid Tote (propped with shampoo; toothpaste; toothbrush; soap and a pair of flip flops)
The Fun Stuff & Making Camp Their Home Away From Home
It’s always a good idea to include a little fun on the inside of a trunk. Adding photos, stickers – even hiding a little note or two is a thoughtful way to make this experience even more special.
Be sure to include a Journal and stamped and addressed envelopes, Stationery or postcards that your camper can use to write home with. Store these items with pens or pencils in a Zippered Pouch so they stay protected. Of course, you can send letters and care packages to your camper – just check with the camp about their guidelines.
•           Zippered Cube (propped with cards, envelops, stamps, pens, markers)
•           Portable Clothesline – (propped with family pictures inside the trunk)
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