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by Melissa Jones


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July 13th - August 11th
18th Annual Goblet Invitational
Featuring drinking vessels from over 70 artists nationwide, ranging from functional to fantasy.


5100 Belt Line Road #820  Dallas, TX 75254
(972) 239-7957






Pie Fight

Tonight 6:00PM

Victory Plaza

American Airlines Center





American Airlines Center

Aug 1st - Aug 12th


Ft Worth Convention Center

Aug 15th-19th







There are some Red Flags that could mean your not getting enough rest:


             Do you feel chronically exhausted or very fatigued

             Moodiness and irritability

             Routine joint or muscle pain.

             Frequently feel dizzy or lightheaded.

             Reduced immunity; frequent colds and infections. Includes congestion or upper respiratory irritation… continuing to train thru this these kinds of symptoms just make things worse.

             Weight gain!!!

             Decline in performance. If you notice you cannot match efforts of intensity that are a part of regular training sessions. One tool a lot of people use is a heart rate monitor.  While there are a ton of things that can impact your heart…  if you notice your heart rate consistently seems higher than normal over the course of several days, this could be a sign you may need additional rest.

             Routinely feeling overwhelmed or challenges w/ stress


Even minimal sleep loss takes a toll on your mood, energy, and ability to handle stress. I have included a table outlining “Average Sleep Needs” ranging from infancy to Adults 18 +… these are averages… so obviously people need to think about what they are doing on any given week or day… and adjust accordingly… meaning need additional rest.



Average Sleep Needs

Age        Hours

Newborns (0-2 months)               12 - 18

Infants (3 months to 1 year)        14 - 15

Toddlers (1 to 3 years)   12 - 14

Preschoolers (3 to 5 years)          11 - 13

School-aged children (5 to 12 years)        10 - 11

Teens and preteens (12 to 18 years)       8.5 - 10

Adults (18+)       7.5 - 9


there are a couple of key things that can help make sure you and your family are getting enough rest.

             Set a target - Aim for at least 7.5 hours of sleep every night. Make sure you don’t fall farther in debt by blocking off enough time for sleep each night. Consistency is the key.


             Keep a SLEEP DIARY. Record when you go to bed, when you get up, your total hours of sleep, and how you feel during the day. As you keep track of your sleep, you’ll discover your natural patterns and get to know your sleep needs.


             Pay back sleep debt with an extra hour or two per night. If you lost 10 hours of sleep, pay the debt back in nightly one or two-hour installments.


             Environment - Pay attention to area where you sleep.  Key things you want to control… Noise, Temperature, Lighting, Mattress (what your sleeping on)


To find out more about Geoff or get some more FACTS about the sleep you need visit Geoff on facebook at www.facebook/dfwactivelife.com and become a FAN.




-Tablets—with more textbooks going online at a fast pace, tablets are a great resource for students to read and study from. They can keep hundreds of books on a tablet, make notes, etc. Its much better than carrying a book bag full of books

-Aspire Apps— Hungry Fish and Aero!: AT&T partnered with Game Desk to help keep kids in school.  Since kids already love playing games on their devices, Game Desk specializes in games that are learning focused.  Aero! helps kids learn about aerodynamics through this wonderful flying bird.  Hungry Fish teaches young kids about math. Both are FREE and both are available on iPad and iPhone. (free, fun and interactive)

-E-books- for first time readers-- Green Eggs and Ham is a great ebook that reads to you or teaches you to read and there are also free books for kids like “How Shall I Get to School Today?”




            -Invisible shield—can help protect your kids screen so they don’t scratch it

            and it can save you money on buying a new phone

            -Beats Wireless Headphones using Beats Audio and Beatbox—

             these headphones and beatsbox are on every kids wish list and they provide great audio. The Best Sounding Wireless Headphone offers great sound in a completely wireless design.Built-in mic and music playback and voice controls right on the earcup You can also play music, listen to ebooks playlist through the Beatbox without wires thanks to Bluetooth technology.  This is Dr. Dre’s Beatbox, and it’s incredible sound in a jambox-sized device.

            -Zaggfolio—Bluetooth keyboard for any tablet, or device. Its light, easy to carry and comes with a built in case for an iPad.

            -Moshi/ iVisor-- The iVisor is the only patented, washable, reusable, and completely  bubble-free screen protector available today. It's designed to last the life of your device and is incredibly effective at protecting its screen from scratches, smudges and damage. Available on iPhone and Android devices-- Galaxy S 3, Galaxy Skyrocket, Nokia Lumia 900, Exhilarate, iPhone 4/4S, iPad 4/4S, HTC Vivid.



            Pantech Element tablet/Pantech Burst combo $199 for both

            Nokia Lumia 900:  $49o Samsung Note: $249

            Samsung Galaxy S3 –$199.99

            Aspire apps – Aero! and Hungry Fish-- FREE

            Ebooks –

            “How Shall I Get to School Today?”- FREE

            Green Eggs and Ham: $6.99

            iPad:  4G w/WiFi  $629

            Zagg Invisible Shield – heavy duty plastic cover for phones that we will take a drill to  

            yet the phone will not be damaged. Price varies by device; for HTC OneX it’s $30.

            Beats Wireless Headphones: $280; Beatbox: $399





The Special Challenge

Pool Party Event

Sunday, August 5

2 - 6 PM

(972) 228-3553


Come checkout creative water games, fun entertainment and activities for special needs children and adults.

Enjoy the Moseley Pool  facilities in a safe, supportive and worry-free  environment in DeSoto. This event is free and for more details visit www.ci.desoto.tx.us .