Thursday, July 19th


by Melissa Jones

Posted on July 19, 2012 at 8:02 AM



The Dallas Zoo shows its appreciation to the community for its support with $1 admission all day and dollar deals on food items at select locations. Take the DART Red Line straight to the Zoo entrance to avoid the traffic and start your adventure sooner.

Cost: $1 per person for ages 3 and older; free for ages 2 and younger and DZS members; $7 parking

Amber Rodgers of D.I.V.A.S. (Divorcing Independent Very Able Survivors) will be offering great advice not only for Single Parents, but Parents in general can benefit from this summer.







Go on a Scavenger Hunt- This can be done in the house, throughout the neighborhood or at a neighboring park. Make a list of items that can be found within those areas, or schedule a neighborhood wide hunt with others on the block.


Start a Book Club- Just because school is out doesn’t mean the kids shouldn’t be reading. Make it fun for the whole family and remember the City Library is FREE! Let the kids pick out the book selections for the entire family to read. Once everyone has read the books, schedule a family book club dinner discussion.


It’s HOT in Texas, Make a Homemade Water Park- You can create a water wonderland right in your own backyard. Fill up a couple of kiddie pools and set up a slip and slide and a sprinkler. The kids will love it. Invite other parents over to participate with their kids as well. Maybe even make it a Pot-Luck Water Park Day.


Plant a Summertime Vegetable Garden- Head to your local nursery or Home and Garden store and ask the experts which foods are best in summer for the Texas heat. Let the kids be responsible for watering and tending to the garden through the summer. Once they start to grow it’s Family Feast time!


Make a Feast- Whether you do the Summer garden or not, have your kids plan a dinner menu using the fruits and veggies or head to the grocery store to buy all of the ingredients that they need. Let your kids prepare the whole meal, with your assistance.


Trade Spaces- Give your kids a small budget and let them secretly redesign or accessorize each others rooms. It can be a project that includes painting the rooms or just rearranging and enhancing. Home Improvement stores always have cheap paint that people bought and didn’t like that particular color that you can get a steal of a deal on and for accessories, think thrift stores and garage sales.


Put on a Show- Help your kids produce a talent, magic or art show. Again, something that can be fun with neighbors and their kids. For magic shows, you can get books from the library on tricks and you can help your kids prepare. Talent shows can include karaoke, playing and instrument or telling jokes (the library has books on this as well). Art shows can include pieces your kids hand make, paint, etc.




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