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Posted on November 30, 2009 at 8:31 AM


Ways to thrive during the holidays

1- Beware of free food- Most of the food that is offered to you from free samples at the mall, holiday parties all the way to the food at the receptionist counter adds up to hundreds if not thousands of unwanted calories.
2- Double your efforts starting today- If you exercise 3 times per week, start doing it six. If you are doing cardio for 20 minutes, then do it for 40. If you don’t belong to a gym or have never hired a trainer, then this is without question the best month of the year to get started.
3- When you drink, you will eat and lots of it- Use good judgment when consuming alcohol,  the calories can add up quickly. Each drink can equal around 90-120 calories each.
4- Prepare for all your holiday events- When you have a holiday party or dinner do your best to not make the classic mistake of starving yourself in advance of knowing your going to eat a large rich high caloric meal. Do just the opposite and eat your way thin all the way to the event.
5- Think like a THIN person- Thin people don’t starve themselves, thin people don’t eat processed pre packaged food and thin people don’t diet.
6- Have a plan and stick to it- A goal without a plan is nothing more than a wish. The average person gains 5-8 unwanted pounds during the holiday season. Many of you may not lose weight during the next month but how excited would you be if you dint gain 1 single pound?


Larry North/ Lifestyle Expert
A leading expert in health, fitness, nutrition and weight loss, Larry North absolutely refuses to go on a diet. Or have the nerve to ask anyone else to. A leader in the fitness arena since 1983, Larry firmly believes that “any program you can't do for the rest of your life is not worth doing for a single day.”
Larry North’s realistic approach to wellness and weight loss began in childhood, as the son of a professional gambler and compulsive dieter. Early on, Larry realized that the more a person is denied something, the farther they will go to get it. Interested in health, and with a desire to help others, Larry became one of Dallas’ first personal trainers. Shortly thereafter, he started his first gym, Larry North Fitness 1990.
Known for results and his personable, enthusiastic manner, Larry North quickly became one of Dallas’ most reputable fitness experts. He’s hosted a local weekly radio show since 1983 (print ad shown at right), offering a wealth of information to listeners eager to shape up, and has appeared as a regular guest and expert on ABC’s Good Morning Texas as well as Larry King Live, Donnie and Marie Show, Maury Povich and many more. As a highly sought after expert in both health and fitness and motivation, he has spoken all over the world for companies like American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, 7/11, LifeFitness, 24 Hour Fitness as well as respected colleges.
Larry North’s expertise has since reached an audience far beyond Dallas. He has authored three books, including the best selling, Living Lean, and created one of the top selling television weight loss shows in the country, The Great North American Slimdown, which grossed over $120 million in sales and was ordered by over 1 million people.
Today, there are multiple locations of Larry North Fitness clubs. They are located in Dallas (Highland Park & Preston Hollow), Fort Worth, Southlake, Rockwall and Houston, Texas. He has also consulted and branded a number of private health clubs for both multi-family residential properties as well as private yachts.
Larry is currently working on a number of projects across the country to promote a healthier lifestyle. With his sensible approach to eating and weight-loss, Larry North points the directions towards a fitter future.



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