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Special Guests Include: Laurel Kagay, Bachelor Brad Womack’s Ex-Girlfriend; Peyton Wright, Bachelor Season 10; Brian Westendorf, Bachelorette Season 4 and Jeremy Anderson, Bachelorette Season 4
Dallas, Texas  – It’s time for Bachelor Brad to choose a bride! Join blogger Reality Steve and special guests for a season finale party of ABC's "The Bachelor" at Bailey's Prime Plus Dallas at The Shops at Park Lane. Joining Reality Steve are: Laurel Kagay, Bachelor Brad Womack’s Ex-Girlfriend; Peyton Wright from “The Bachelor” Season 10, Brian Westendorf from “The Bachelorette” Season 4 and Jeremy Anderson from “The Bachelorette” Season 4.
Gather your friends for a special evening at Bailey’s on Monday, March 14 from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. for a Bachelor watch party to see if Brad Womack will get down on one knee this time!
Enjoy half-priced specialty cocktails including Bailey's Cosmotini, the Coco Chanel, Cucumber Martini, Bailey’s Mojito, Rootbeer Float and Passion Star Martini, half-priced house wines, domestic beers and well drinks as well as half-off the Bailey's Prime Plus Bar Menu, featuring French Dip on Fresh Baked Baguette, Caribbean Style Jerk Chicken Skewers, Bailey’s Prime 8oz.Burger, the Filetini and Cherry Tomato & Fresh Mozzarella Bruschetta.
Monday, March 14, 2011
6:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Bailey’s Prime Plus Dallas at The Shops at Park Lane
8160 Park Lane, Suite 130
Dallas, TX
For additional information, visit or call 214.750.8100.
More and more people are trying the controversial HCG diet, but many of them are keeping quiet about it because the diet tends to get a wild reaction from friends and family when you describe it:  only 500 daily calories, no breakfast, no vitamins and minerals and daily injections of a hormone called 'HCG'.

"The diet was originally formulated in the early 1950's by British endocrinologist Dr. Arthur Simeons," says weight management specialist Dr. Connie Tambakis-Odom, an expert in the HCG diet protocol.  "Dr. Simeons injected his obese patients with the HCG hormone to trigger the metabolism of stored body fat, enabling them to effortlessly lose up to 1 pound per day with little or no exercise."

Dr. Connie Odom says the recent advent of homeopathic oral HCG drops has made the HCG diet plan more affordable for the average American.  However, the FDA recently announced that homeopathic HCG products contain no HCG hormone and can't be sold.  With over-the-counter HCG off the market, diets using doctor-prescribed HCG have remained under scrutiny by medical experts due to their restrictive 500 calorie limit.

Dr. Odom has teamed with fellow weight management specialist Dr. Larry Vickman MD, licensed practical nurse Sonia Russell, and pro fitness trainer Dean Yannello to co-author a medically updated version" of the 50-year-old HCG diet entitled, The Best Diet You Have Never Heard Of

"We observed that Dr. Simeon's protocol was able to produce significant weight loss, but in the majority of cases it wasn't being safely administered according to currently accepted medical practices," says Dr. Odom.

Dr. Connie Odom says the new HCG diet protocol contains the following improvements:
  • Diet is monitored by an experienced HCG weight loss physician
  • Daily protein intake increased to preserve lean muscle mass
  • Daily calorie intake increased to 800 to improve diet tolerance
  • Dieters allowed to take vitamins as well as other prescribed medications
  • Only doctor-prescribed pharmaceutical HCG hormone is used
"By following the newly updated, medically supervised HCG diet protocol, dieters are assured of lasting weight loss without hunger or discomfort."


The Best Diet you Have Never Heard Of is a modernized medical revision of the "original" HCG Diet Protocol written over 50 years ago, containing a more effective, safer, healthier, and more tolerable protocol for the patient while integrating the latest modern medical advancements.

Constance Tambakis-Odom, MD
Dr. Connie Odom, Medical Director of Inches and Pounds, is an experienced HCG diet weight loss management specialist.  She received her medical degree from the New York Medical College, NY and completed her residency training at Brookdale Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY.  Dr. Odom is certified in Age Management, hormone modulation and a member of the A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging). 

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Box office opens March 17th at Mockingbird Station
(214) 947-0000