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Four Seasons Ultimate Wedding
“Four Seasons Ultimate Wedding” is sponsored by Four Seasons Dallas, its affiliate or subsidiaries, including but not limited to NorthPark Center, Cadillac, Todd Events, Oscar de la Renta at NorthPark Center, Eiseman Jewels, and F8 studio.

A. Dates of Contest: The Contest will begin June 1, 2010 and end on or around July 28, 2010. The winners will be announced on or around July 28, 2010. A series of media interviews will take place for finalists during July 2010.

Engaged couples, where both individuals are 21 years or older and at least one person is a legal resident of Texas, must complete the following submission steps to be officially entered in the contest:

- Download application and registration form:

- Complete application form and email, along with a photo with the couple to

The deadline for all entry materials is NOON on June 30, 2010. No applications will be accepted after that time. No exceptions.

C. Finalists & winners selection process.

- The impartial panel of judges will review all applications, and will select the top 10 couple finalists from the application form based upon creativity, a healthy lifestyle and outlook on life, an ambitious pursuit of education and/or career, and an appreciation of the finer things in life.

- The Top 10 couple finalists will be required to create 2-minute videos to post on the Four Seasons facebook page in response to the question “Why should we pick you for the Four Seasons Ultimate Wedding?” Both members of the couple must be present in the video. No digitally altered or enhance video is permitted. No watermarks, signatures, or copyright notices may be added to the videotape. Any individuals appearing in the video must give written permission for use of their image to appear.

- The Top 10 couples will also be required to appear in person to the Four Seasons for 5-minute, taped interviews with the impartial panel of judges. These in-person interviews are mandatory and will be videotaped. If a couple does not agree to participate in the interviews, they will be disqualified. The impartial panel of judges will select a top 3 based upon on-camera presence, personality, creativity, and presentation, with input from the public from the posted video presentation.

- The top 3 couple finalists will be required to meet with event planner Todd Fiscus for 1-hour interviews and event planning discussions. The purpose of the meetings are to develop a wedding reception personality and event style all their own, in which the couples can present to the impartial panel of judges, as well as during live media interviews. These in-person consultations are mandatory and will be videotaped. If a couple does not agree to participate in the interviews, they will be disqualified.

- The top 3 couples finalists will present their reception theme to the impartial panel of judges and conduct live interviews on 103.7 FM and WFAA, Good Morning Texas. Once the 3 couples finalists are identified on-air, WFAA will activate the on-line voting system.

- The winning couple will be notified by July 28, 2010.
2. Prize(s). 

A complete description of all elements award in this contest is as follows:

The Four Seasons Ultimate Wedding Giveaway Wedding Package includes:
*Maximum number of guests is 100.

Four Seasons Dallas
Wedding ceremony and reception: $31,000
Honeymoon Suite:   $2500
Couples Massages: $300
Facials for the Bride and Groom: $300
Gift of FS Bed Linens & Pillows $500

Golf - $TBD
1-night accommodations for mother/father of the bride - $TBD
Total Value: $35,000

Honeymoon at Four Seasons Maui
4-nights accommodations at Four Seasons Maui
2 Wailea Massages
Airfare is not included.
Value: $4212
Todd Events
Wedding planning, lighting and flowers
Value: $25,000
NorthPark Center
NorthPark Gold for Wedding Registry or Bridal/Honeymoon Attire
Value: $10,000
Oscar de la Renta at NorthPark Center
Gift certificate for $8,000 for gown, shoes and/or veil at ODR NorthPark Center
Value: Up to $8,000
Eiseman Jewels at NorthPark Center
Wedding Rings for Bride and Groom
Value: $5000+
F8 Studios, Gary Donihoo
Wedding photography
Complete set of proofs
Custom leather bound album
All images hosted on the web for relatives and guests to see
Value: $5000
Cadillac Wedding Party Transportation
Value: $TBD

*The Wedding Date must be scheduled by March 31,2011. If the sponsors need to
change the agreed upon time frame for any reason, the winning couple will be consulted immediately.   Before the winning couple can proceed with the wedding event, they must sign the official Four Seasons Ultimate Wedding Contract.

3. Eligibility and Limitations.

Participants and winner(s) must be U.S. residents at least 21- years old. Participants much have an active social security number, and be able to present the original social security card and Texas ID to contest officials before the prize will be awarded. Background checks will be performed on all finalists. Contestants must be engaged couple at the time of entering the contest. Each applicant must be willing to sign an affidavit attesting to the truth of the facts in the application form and Video and attesting that each applicant meets all the eligibility requirements.

Only one (1) entry per person. Multiple entries received from any couple or e-mail address thereafter will void all such additional entries. Entries that are incomplete, illegible, damaged or corrupted are void and will not be accepted.

Jay's Boot Camp Fitness
Jay and Lin Johnson
Jay and Lin Johnson founded Boot Camp Fitness in 2001. Since then, they have developed and marketed their business into the most successful military-styled fitness program in North Texas. Jay and Lin have established themselves as leaders in the fitness industry. Their ability to develop and implement unique fitness programs secured them the distinguished title of Fitness Trainers of "America's Sweethearts," the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.
You can find out more about future classes by logging onto or call 972-373-8344.
We have 12 locations - Mansfield, Dallas, Frisco, Grapevine, Plano, Highland Park, Sunnyvale, McKinney, Southlake, Valley Ranch, Denton and Flower Mound
Jay Johnson's Boot Camp Fitness "Taking America Back" DVD series is finally here.
The 10 disc box set comes with the workout book and calendar. It is a 9 week system. There is a DVD for each week of the program and a bonus DVD that has one workout on it only.
The program is broken down into three- 3 week phases, Red, White & Blue, just like the real military Boot Camp.
Each DVD has 5 workouts already programmed and ready to go, all you have to do is press play on the corresponding day and go to work. There is no shuffling of different dvds into your player like with other systems. Each DVD also has a customization function as well so if you don't have a full hour then you can access and program your own workout just like you would a juke box or a playlist on your ipod. There is nothing like this in the market. So you don't have to to the same old 7 min abs or taibow everyday.
You get a new workout everyday!    All of the other pieces help you keep up with your progress and stay on point.
The Complete Box Set is available exclusively online at <> and <>.
It sells for 3 easy payments of $39.95 plus shipping and handling but if you are really serious about it you can make one payment of 79.95 and Jay will pay the other $40.00 for you! So there are no excuses!
The four single DVDs are for people that might want to ease into getting into shape or have specific issues like Abs, Cardio or time.
The Ultimate Abs obviously focuses on the Abs and has a beginner, intermediate and advanced workout and is also programmable.
The Ultimate Cardio is the same set up but with Cardio
For the person on the go we have the Ultimate 3x30 which features 3 -30 minute workouts, again a beginner, intermediate and advanced. These are also programmable.
Lastly there is the Ultimate Body Vol 1 DVD that has one long workout that touches the entire body, and is programmable.
These 4 all come with a digital workout book to log your progress and Retail at $16.98. They are available at,, and more as well as borders and until the first of January then they will be in all stores.
These four titles are also available in Blu Ray so you can SWEAT IN HIGH DEFINITION! They are the first Fitness Blu Ray Titles in the World! So that's kind of a big deal.
So it doesn't matter if you are looking to commit to a new workout regimen this new year or want to ease into something new, we have something for the consumer, We call it No EXCUSES FITNESS! Pick your poison and get to work or as Jay likes to say now GIVE ME 20!
Today’s segment:
Here are 3 fitness games that the entire family can participate in and stay fit!
Fitness Concentration:
Write 10 exercises on the front of 10 paper plates. Repeat - so now you have 20 exercises on 20 plates. (2 of the same exercises)
Turn the plates over and number them on the back 1 - 20 - in 5 rows of 4.
Divide friends and family into 2 teams.
Take turns calling out 2 numbered plates-  and turn those numbers over.  If the exercises match -  everyone does 10 of that 1 exercises - and that's 1 pt for that team. That team continues to turn 2 plates over - until they do not match.  If the plates do not match - do 10 of each exercise, and a short run.  No one is awarded points.
The other team goes and continues the process.
Continue to allow each team to turn over 2 plates until all plates are matched up.  
The team with the most points - wins and selects 20 of an exercises for the other team to perform!
Medicine Ball Hot Potato:
One person is the designated Game Leader.
 Everyone else stands and makes a circle - arms length distance between each person.  No more than 10 per circle.
The Game Leader times the group for 15  seconds while they through the ball back and forth to each other (like a hot potato game)
After 15 seconds - the Game Leader yells "Stop!" and the person holding the ball has to do 10 cherry pickers while everyone else does 10 of an "easy exercise" designated by Game Leader. (For example -  the easy exercises could be jumping jacks, pushups, situps, lunges or squat hops)  
Person left holding the Ball - becomes the Game Leader -and the game continues.
Plank Relays:
One Game Leader is designated to ref game.
Divide group into 2 even number teams.
Each team member gets into a Plank Position (up movement of a pushup). Lined up in a row. 
The first person in each line per team - races to a cone — performing a Bear Crawl to the Cone and a Crab crawl back. 
Once back - they must tag their next teammate in line - and move to the back of the line and assumer the "Plank Position".
If ANYONE from their team drops to there knees from the plank position - a 5 seconds penalty is given to that team.
The team to complete the relay race first - chooses the exercise the other team must do for 1 minute.
Game can continue again by selecting different movement drills for the relays, or wall squats instead of the plank position.
Other movement drills:
Skipping, Side Squats, Shuffle, Lunges, hop on 1 leg, backwards run
The key is to just move and have fun!  Be creative - it all works!
Our NEXT 4 week camp starts July 5th!  We have 20 locations across the metroplex and special summer rates!  Just go to
Celebrity Chef Tal Ronnen
Celebrity Chef Tal Ronnen Cookbook Signing + Cooking Demo on Tuesday, June 22 from 12-2p
Free and open to the public
Whole Foods Market
8190 Park Lane, Suite 351
About Chef Tal: Chef Tal Ronnen is one of the most celebrated vegan chefs working today. In the spring of 2008, he became known nationwide as the chef who prepared vegan meals for Oprah Winfrey’s 21-day vegan cleanse. He has since catapulted to fame, catering Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s vegan wedding, Arianna Huffington’s party at the Democratic National Convention, and the first vegan dinner at the U.S. Senate. In October 2009, Chef Tal released his new cookbook, the conscious cook; it is the first full color vegan cookbook to be published in North America. He appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” on October 22, 2009 and made the New York Times Best Seller List. Additionally, and VegNews Magazine named the conscious cook a Top Cookbook in 2009. A graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute, Chef Tal has worked at the top vegan restaurants in the United States, including Sublime in Fort Lauderdale, Madeleine Bistro in Los Angeles, and Candle 79 in New York City. He also assisted Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders in opening her restaurant, VegiTerranean in Akron, Ohio, in 2007. Additionally, Chef Tal conducts master vegetarian workshops for students and staff at Le Cordon Bleu College campuses nationwide. For more information, visit