Black Friday is over, Cyber Monday is on!




Posted on November 26, 2012 at 10:34 AM

Updated Monday, Nov 26 at 1:14 PM

If all the doorbuster deals during Black Friday just weren't your thing, then today is for you!

It is Cyber Monday, which means the shopping has now switched to online. It is a term that stores adopted after retailers noticed a spike in sales on the Monday after Thanksgiving Day.
While it is called Cyber Monday, the shopping started online Thursday morning.
Many buyers are over the mad rush to the mall or stores for deals. Stores have gotten smarter and offered deals online that are also listed in the store.
Many stores offer no shipping fees. That means if you order online, it is the same as going to the store, without the stress of parking, going inside, fighting a crowd or waiting in line.
By the numbers, one in four people will shop on line Cyber Monday. On Thanksgiving Day $633 million was spent online shopping. Onlines sales on Black Friday were up 26 percent and surpassed $1 billion. Cyber Monday is expected to be the biggest shopping day of the year for the third year in a row. 
Amazon is one of the top spots for online shopping year round and today is no different. This year, the online shopping company is celebrating Cyber Monday ALL WEEK. The deals started at midnight with deals like 60 percent off a 55-inch TV. started its countdown calendar over the weekend. 30 percent to 60 percent off items for throughout the home.
Don't forget your big box stores also saved some deals for just online purchase. Those stores usually have certain hours that you can shop for the various deals, but this year the sales are all day.
Wal-Mart is offering tablets at a lower price and iPad bundles, the items most people want the discounts on.
Kmart is offering 75 percent off diamond earrings and $60 off a multigame table.
Target is sliding its "temporary price cuts" across the page---on toys, electronics and gifts ideas for others, like a toothbrush. Plus you can use your RED Card and get an additional 5-percent off your total purchase, including electronics and furniture.
Emails are filled with deal after deal after deal. sent a list of the best Cyber Monday deals....this is just an idea of what's out Make a list and check these deals out. Plus, most of these stores or companies have brick and mortar stores and returns or exchanges can be made in the store.
Three things to remember:
1. Warning-because of cyber crimes, make sure you go directly to the website and when you check out, look for the security measures like the lock with the secure shopping logo.
2. And more than anything use a CREDIT card versus your debit card. That way you can trace transactions and dispute false charges.
3. Check your bank accounts and credit card statements on a regular to make sure a cyber thief has not struck and so you can keep up with your spending.