Tech Tuesday: Video Calling




Posted on September 18, 2012 at 9:00 AM

Updated Tuesday, Sep 18 at 3:11 PM

A few years ago everyone was talking Skype, but there are now more players. Skype was the word.

I remember thinking this is so Jetsons…talking on the phone or over the internet and seeing the person at the same time.

Skye revolutionized video calls. But then Apple came out with Facetime.

Facetime is a simple way of calling and seeing a person on the other end of the call. To use Facetime you will need an Apple product, specifically the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or a Mac.

All you need is an Apple ID and email address and you are ready to roll. It uses the contacts in the address book to find friends who have the Apple product. It does have picture-in-picture.

The only down side is this is Apple products only. 

Android users can utilize a free app called Tango. It can be used with Android phone and IOS Apple users. A person with an iPhone can video call someone with an Android phone with this app.

Tango was introduced soon after Facetime.

It’s pretty easy. You can create an account in minutes. The app will locate friends who are already Tango user. Or you can invite others by and email or text that ask them to join Tango. 

You can start with a phone call and then switch to a video call.

Like Facetime, if you have a front and rear camera, you can use either camera.

Facetime and Tango are just two of the video calling programs, apps or system.  There are many others to include AIM, Jabber and Qik. These are video chatting program for now; technology continues to evolve so more are to come.