Tech Tuesday: Apps every Apple user will want




Posted on March 18, 2014 at 12:06 PM

Updated Tuesday, Mar 18 at 3:18 PM

This is the 30th anniversary of the Apple Mac and the company says it is getting stronger and better.

To prove this point, Apple recently introduced three apps that will make work easier and perhaps make some PC users do a double take.

The company created Pages, Numbers, and the Keynote apps for Apple product users. With these three apps users can prepare documents, create spreadsheets, and deliver a great presentation.

Pages is a word-processor type of app that can help users create or send word documents and even fliers. The app allows do what many users are accustomed to seeing in Microsoft Word software. The app allows for font selection, size changes, character addition, spell and grammar checks, and style creations. Users can easily add graphs and pictures for fliers or a more polished document. Once completed, a Pages document can be shared with others or on social media. This app works with Microsoft Word, allowing users to open and send Word-friendly presentations.

The Numbers app is a very easy to use spreadsheet app. Users can create charts, tables, and images to clearly see data. Spreadsheets created in Numbers don't have to look like a page out of a ledger book. The app comes with numerous style and designs for creating budgets or other documents. With a just a few clicks here and there, it is easy to go from a blank page to a professional document. This app works well with those who use Microsoft Excel.

Keynote makes it easy to create and deliver beautiful presentations with effects like the pros. Pick a templates, add pictures and words, and the app will guide you through the remainder of the process. Even with no experience, this app empowers a novice to put together a presentation. Pictures, charts, and special effects can be added to each programs. Keynote is compatible with Microsoft's PowerPoint program. Like Pages and Numbers, the creations can be shared on social media or by e-mail.

The Pages, Numbers, and Keynote apps can easily be accessed, downloaded, and used on the Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Since the data is stored in the iCloud, users can use the apps without much concern about open space on Apple devices.

Cost-wise, the apps are reasonable. For those who purchased an iOS device after September 1, 2013, the apps are free. For Apple users who do not own iWorks or iLife and haven't purchased a new Mac or iOS device, the apps can be downloaded from the Mac App store, each for less than $20.