Tech Tuesday: Great Father's Day web sites and apps




Posted on June 12, 2012 at 9:54 AM

Updated Friday, Jun 15 at 3:14 PM

With Father’s Day just around the corner now is the time to really put on your thinking cap for gifts for dad.
To let you dad know he’s the best you may need to just give him a few ideas to make life easier.
Father’s are sometimes hard to buy for on this special day. Many have enough ties, tools and tech stuff.
So, here is a a list of websites and apps that are great resources for Dad. They are all G and PG rated.

  1.  One of the best apps for dad and mom or any do-it-yourselfer is Houzz. It’s remodeling and ideas from more than 60,000 architects, contractors, designers and many others who have uploaded wonderful ideas. This includes photos, information like colors, where to find the items and who to contact for more info.
  2. can help dad break a bad habit, without you having to constantly remind him to make a change. This “Paper App” will help with healthy habits and break the bad ones.
  3. Okay this app is called "life360 family locator". Dads and mom’s listen up. This app displays the location of family members and lets them check in with dad. With this app, he can even arrange an alarm if someone needs help. It’s free for android and iPhone users. $5 a month for non Smartphone users.
  4. Lifehacker not only has tech review website with news and updates on gadgets…to grill tips. This is a free app
  5. The last one is print central. Search “PrintCentral for iPhone/iPod Touch” to find this information. It is $5 on iTunes and it allows you to print from you iPad to most wireless printers and requires no special or additional software.
  6. you can listen to brilliant speakers on great topics. Dad can search for talks that interest the intellectual side of his mind.
  7. this site is great for showing off up-to-date photos for granddad and other family members.
  8. is a web TV show for those loving all things to do with cars and racing.
  9. Golf GameBook app was developed by golf pros to keep record of scores and share that information with other players or teams.
  10. The Tykoon web site offers a free financial tool for the whole family. It can help break down chores, allowance, and money.